Have an Epic Childhood with inspirations in light play

Today we welcome Kristen from Epic Childhood. In addition to being a mum to 5 children including twins, she is busy blogging about everyday fun and educational activities. Plus she has a wonderful curated Pinterest account sharing heaps of education ideas and inspirations in light play.

Why did you start your blog?

 I wanted to showcase all of my twins unique toys and eclectic way of play, especially light table play and light play.  light table play and light play
Plus, my twins have been homeschooled since preschool and I blog about that too.  I consider myself an expert in light tables, play and learning on light tables, and different types of light play.  I also have studied Montessori and Reggio Emilia over the past 5 years.  Our homeschooling is both Reggio Emilia and Montessori inspired.  I am a firm believer in play based learning, I have singletons age 19, 16, and 15.  I did not homeschool them.
The new ways of how children are subjected to the common core standards in school have made me decide to educate myself in alternative learning methods. This is what also drove me to want to homeschool.
I enjoy helping other mothers through my blog to learn new ways for their children to play and learn.  My twins have no lost parts to toys, no broken toys, the toys are not all over the room, and they are kept very tidy.I thank both the Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches to play and learning for this. When they were two, I made huge changes to their toys and how their room is set up. It has made an enormous difference.
I only wish I had all of this knowledge when my older children were little. I would have brought them up with Montessori and Reggio Emilia influence. I moved out the more common toys, anything blinky or noisy, and started bringing in open ended toys that promote creativity and intelligence. It’s all history from there, and documented on my blog!    I am happy to take any emailed question from other Moms. :)

Where you surprised to discover you were carrying twins?

Yes we were very surprised.  There have not been twins in either side of our family in more than 50 years.
There have never been twins on my husbands side of the family.

What was your pregnancy like?

I had preeclampsia and it resulted in having to deliver at 32 weeks 3 days.  They were in the NICU for 28 and 30 days.  Graham came home at 28 days old, and Parker at 30 days old.

What has been your biggest accomplishment these part 12 months?

I think my biggest accomplishment on my blogging has been that my Pinterest now has over 72,000 followers.

What is your best advice for new parents of multiples?

Don’t feel like you can’t ask others for advice. Sometimes other Moms of multiples have wonderful ideas and advice.
What questions do you have the families of Multiples and More? Do any other families homeschool? Do any other Moms of multiples blog?
Twin Epic Childhood

What is your favourite blog post you want to share?

I would love to share my
and my website for Light table play and light play information and ideas  http://www.theultimatelighttableguide.com/
 light table play and light play

Visit www.pinterest.com/LightTableGuide/ for amazing ideas in Light Games

 light table play and light play

Identical Triplets with Jane’t of Pitts Trips!

The featured blogger of the week is Janét of Pitts Trips! Janét is the proud mom of 4 year old triplets Caleb, Elias, and Thomas.

Why did you start your blog?

I started early on in my pregnancy after my husband suggested it. We figured it would be a good way for friends and family to follow my pregnancy and the triplets once they arrived. While pregnant, I in turn read all the triplet blogs I could find. They served as a window for what would or could happen in my near future. They really helped put me at ease that, yes, I could get through the pregnancy and survive raising triplet babies. I hope by blog will do the same for others too. It didn’t start out this way but my blog has really turned into a hobby now and I really enjoy updating it with my boys’ milestones, funny things they say or do, and the unique challenges we face raising triplets.

Were you surprised to discover you were carrying identical triplets (tell us more)?

Absolutely! I had never even entertained the idea that I could possibly become pregnant with twins let alone triplets! There isn’t a single set of multiples on either side of our families, nor did anyone close to us have any. It was such a foreign concept that it just never crossed my mind. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I quickly contaIdentical Triplets with Jane't of Pittscted my doctor so I could go in for an ultrasound. I was feeling nervous because my last pregnancy, a couple of months before, ended in a miscarriage so I was anxious to see if everything was ok. We went in at 8 weeks pregnant and as the ultrasound tech was moving her wand around, we asked “so you see a heartbeat?” After a brief pause she replied slightly matter of fact, “I see three babies.” And then what we were seeing on the screen finally made sense, it was as clear as day. Undeniably there were three little peanuts there, each with their own heartbeat! We were so astounded that we were a bit speechless. Next we found out that all three were sharing the sameplacenta thereby making them not only identical triplets but also making this an even riskier pregnancy. When sharing a placenta, they could develop a potentially very dangerous condition called TTTS where the nutrients don’t get evenly distributed between them. The more babies that share a placenta the higher the chances of developing TTTS. So I lived in a fog of disbelief for the next week or two until the reality of everything really sunk in. It was both an exciting and terrifying time!

 Just how rare are identical triplets?

Don’t believe all the news stories that say it’s one in a million or even worse one in 200,000 million. Those statistics are over inflated and identical triplets, while being the rarest type of triplets, are not THAT rare. There are no official numbers but a fellow parent of identical triplets that is good with numbers and statistics calculated it to be closer to 1 in 130,000 pregnancies. So rounding up a little, there is a 0.001% chance that any woman could become pregnant with spontaneous identical triplets!

What was your pregnancy like?

Unlike what I expected, I sailed through my pregnancy without a single major problem but of course I was full of discomforts! Thankfully no TTTS and I simply went into labor at 34 weeks and my boys were born all breathing on their own and healthy.

What has been your biggest accomplishment these past 12 months?

Surviving theIdentical Triplets with Jane't of Pitts terrible threes time three, which by the way, was way worse than the terrible twos! Now that my boys are 4 and a half I feel less frustrated and less mentally exhausted at the end of the day than I used to just a year ago. They are really coming into a fun age with less tantrums and less fighting. I can reason with them, they are calmer and they get along with each other so much better. When out in public I no longer fear that they’ll wander off. I used to find it terrifying to take them to restaurants but now we don’t even think twice about going out to eat. You can really see them becoming civilized human beings!

Now don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of naughtiness and fighting going on in our house but I suspect that will carry on for years to come!

What is your best advice for a new parents of multiples?

What ever difficult stage you’re in no matter how awful will pass relatively quickly. Even though at the time it feels like it’ll never end, just remind yourself that it will. I wish I had done this more in the early days because I stressed out way too much. Learning to breastfeed, sleeping through the night, learning to talk, and potty training seemed like insurmountable milestones at the time. I honestly never thought we’d get passed the newborn stage, yet here we are more than 4 years later! Time goes by so quickly when you have kids.

What question or questions do you have for the families in the community?

Bed wetting runs on both sides of our families and my boys seem to have inherited this unfortunate trait. Our pediatrician told us not to worry about it until they turn 5 but we are quickly approaching their birthday with no sign of it stopping anytime soon. They wake up wet pretty much every single morning and even have trouble staying dry through their 2 hour nap. I’d love some advice from those who have been through this. What did you do to get your older bedwetting kids nighttime trained?

What is your favorite blog post to share with the Multiples and More?

My favorites are always the ‘personality updates’ that I try to do once every year or so. I get asked all the time if my identical triplets have different personalities. They share so many similarities besides their physical appearance. All our milestones have happened within days if not a week from each other so it’s nice to sit down and really reflect on why they seem so different to me! It’s also great to read their updates from years past and see what aspects of their personality are the same and what is different about each one now. Here is my latest entry Personalities 4.5


Janét Pittsenbarger

Identical Triplets with Jane't of Pitts

Preparing for Twins and Prematurity

Today’s Featured Blogger is Emily from uptoyourtoes.com. Emily is mum to twins and just had baby number 4 so please pop over to her blog and say hello to baby Eloise.
Emily writes,
“Prematurity is a lot of what my blog has been about, since my twins were born so preemie. We’re now starting to venture into the special needs world as my twins are 3 and my son still isn’t “caught up” and “typically developing”. I just participated as a veteran mom on new/expecting multiples mom panel at our local multiples club and I would say prematurity (what the NICU is like, what to expect, etc) and how to get out of the house with multiples were the biggest topics we were asked about. We spent a lot of time in the NICU, 54 days, and even with their prematurity and lugging around a pulsox and o2 canister, I never felt like we were “stuck at home” and it made me sad to hear so many new multiple moms felt like they were trapped and could never go anywhere with their babies!”

So here is Emily’s article on Twins and Prematurity.

So you’re having multiples! Congratulations! And with that, you get double (or more!) of the aches, pains, nausea, and doctors visits. It’s a whole new world. But beyond that, when your babies arrive, is another world that parents hope and pray they don’t become a part of, the prematurity world.

It’s not surprise that having multiple babies also means increased risk of prematurity. When they said we were having twins though, it was the farthest thing from my mind. We started seeing our high risk maternal fetal medicine doctor and I was told I had “easy twins” (aka di/di). I was told I’d be just fine. Every appointment, I wasn’t having babies anytime soon. Until I was. And I was in the NICU, with newborn twins.


Recently I had the opportunity to be on a new mom panel at our local multiples club and I was surprised at how man questions came up about the NICU experience and premature births. I thought it was so great for these soon-to-be moms and dads of multiples preparing for what could be a very real experience, and a very difficult one. I thought I would answer some of the most popular questions from the day from our experience with my 27 week preemie twins.

What is it like having a baby in the NICU?

At first, incredibly overwhelming and confusing. You are hearing acronyms left and right and body parts you didn’t even think to worry about as major concerns. Your first concerns are brain, heart and lungs but eyes, skin, and many more body parts come into play in a premature birth. It’s a whole new lesson in anatomy, even if you aced A&P in college 😉 There will be machines, tubes, wires, the works, everywhere you look, especially since you have 2 or more babies to look at.



There will be lots of beeping noises, some good, some not so good. You will be over stimulated and over informed. Don’t think you’re the only one who felt like you were about to pass out from the amount of information being thrown your way. Take a deep breath, listen, and trust the doctors and nurses are doing everything in their power to help your babies. You will adjust to the craziness. Get to know the acronyms. Understand all the different beeps and what they mean…and when you should appropriately freak out. And the tubes and wires will start to dwindle as the days go by.

What is the NICU like emotionally?

Well, that’s just digging right in there isn’t it? When you first get to the NICU, the nurses will say it is a rollercoaster and that is honestly, the best way to describe it. You will have days where you are hearing nothing but great things about your babies. Then you will have days when one or more babies is struggling. No matter how much good news you get, expect a little bad. Even after you’re home, you’re not out of the preemie world, but you will learn to love and embrace it. But the rollercoaster doesn’t end for quite some time.

How long will my babies have to be in the NICU?

This was a super popular question, but sadly, it can’t really be answered. Each situation is unique. Each baby will go on their own schedule. You want to know if you’ll be there for a few days or a few weeks to prepare for how you’re going to handle other kids at home, school, work, juggling life. Of course, the earlier your multiples are born, the longer they will be in the NICU. You can expect to be there until around your due date. Some babies come home earlier than that, some later. It’s hard to tell. If you have your babies at 30 weeks, expect a 10 week stay. If you have them at 35 weeks, you might only need a day or 2 in the NICU. But it all depends on a lot of different things. For preemies, the milestones they need to reach to be discharged are growing and above the 4ish pound mark, eating on their own, breathing on their own, be able to ride in a carseat for the length of the car ride home from the hospital, and keeping their body temperature up. Those are just the basics. Many other health issues can come into play. But that might give you some idea of where your babies need to get to in order to be able to come home.

How can friends and family help a NICU family?

This is a great question and PLEASE don’t be afraid to ask for help! When you have a new baby, people flood to bring you meals, stop by and see the baby and visit, but with a NICU experience, friends and family seem to back off. They want to respect your space, don’t seem to know how to help, and don’t seem to be as celebratory as people are with a new full-term birth. But you will be pumping 24/7, running back and forth to the hospital, and just as busy…maybe busier, than you would be if they were home! While friends and family won’t be able to visit with the babies, they can still help you at home. Dropping meals off is an incredible help! After spending all day at the hospital, the last thing you want to worry about is cooking dinner. Have someone clean your house, or maybe baby gift a cleaning service. You will be at the hospital a lot. If you or your spouse goes back to work, you’ll be swamped and exhausted. Taking cleaning off of your plate is a huge help. Offer to babysit older siblings, take them for a day at the park, and make them feel included. It’s hard for big siblings to be involved. They might not be allowed in the NICU. You will be spending time away from them to be in the hospital with your new babies. It’s hard. Having a close friend or family member take them for a day at a park, to the library, on a fun playdate to help keep them busy while you focus on your new babies is a big help! You won’t need clothes, diapers, help feeding and caring for them right away, but you will need help with your every day life so don’t be afraid to ask and accept help!

What if I can’t handle the NICU?

This wasn’t specifically asked, but I want to touch on this subject that came up a few times and many moms seemed scared to ask this outright.  And I want every mom and even dad’s to know, especially if you have an extremely premature birth, it’s ok to get help and there are people who will help you! The NICU doctors and nurses will be asking you how YOU are quite frequently. It’s ok to say you’re not ok. They don’t expect you to have your act completely together. Your OB should also be following up and making sure you’re emotionally ok. I thought I was handling the stress well. I thought I could do it all. I was traveling an hour every day to the NICU, spending my entire day there, going home and pumping and sleeping. I was across the country from my husband since he had to work in California and my twins decided they wanted to be born in Pennsylvania while I was visiting. I had my parents support, but at my follow-up with my OB, he quickly said I wasn’t ok and needed help. He prescribed me an anti-anxiety medicine and I was very hesitant to fill the scrip. I thought I could handle it all. I think when they told me my son had a brain bleed was when I lost it and finally realized I did need help and I wasn’t handling this stressful situation as flawlessly as I had thought I was in my head.


 You are a supermom (and dad) and you’re handling it all great, but it’s ok to ask for help from doctors and family and even take medicine if you need it. Don’t be afraid to talk about how YOU are with the doctors and nurses so they can get you the help that you need to be the best parent possible for your baby! Don’t let the stress and anxiety take over your life. You need to be able to make decisions for your little ones and you need to be in a good mindset to do that. Post partum depression is very common in premature births so don’t feel like you’re alone and have no one to help you! There is help. And don’t be scared to get it!


So I hope this helps everyone expecting multiples and a little anxious about the NICU experience. Prematurity is not something to take lightly, it could very quickly happen to your babies, but if you go into it knowing some of these things, I hope it won’t be too overwhelming. You are still giving birth to beautiful babies and even if they need a few extra weeks of help, you should enjoy them, celebrate them, make every day with them as special as you can!  The NICU time will go by quickly and your babies will be home before you know it!

Visit Emily on her blog at uptoyourtoes.com.

Twinthusiasm: Survival Lessons for Your First Year Parenting Twins

This week I met another Twin mum who is an author and written her own book on Survival Lesson on the First Year of Parenting Twins. I was given the opportunity to review this book and what a beautiful guide book it is. Something I would definitely wish I had read with my babies were little. The book covers tips on how to be prepared medically, by organisation and personally. It then discusses survival lessons on help, sleep, schedule and self-care.  My mum (who coincidentally also had twins – my sisters) would always say it does get easier, and it did. Now my girls are 5 I read this book with fondness of how the hell did I survive the first year? Well I did and you will as well! Read on and enjoy Cara’s interview and if you are a new Twin Mum you can buy the Book on Amazon by clicking the link below.

What inspired you to write this book?

TwinthusiasmWhen I first found out I was pregnant with twins, I really had no idea what to expect and was more than a little nervous! I was a first-time parent and didn’t have any friends that had undergone a similar experience. As I came to find out, a twin pregnancy and the first year with two babies is crazy in a way only a multiples mom can understand. I felt that there needed to be more encouraging voices out there for twin moms-to-be. I started my blog www.twinthusiasm.com in 2011 during my first pregnancy as a way to document my experiences as well as reach out to other moms. Over the years I compiled a range of hopefully useful tips and wanted to share my successes (and frustrations) with other parents who could use a virtual “cheerleader.”

Now, my twins girls are four years old and I have a six-month-old singleton boy. Having a singleton child gave me additional perspective on my first year as a parent. Twin moms are truly super-parents!


Navigating a twin pregnancy and the first year with two babies can be more than a little crazy. Twinthusiasm: Survival Lessons for Your First Year Parenting Twins offers moral support and useful tips – served with a dash of humor – to help you survive the wild ride.

Twinthusiasm includes helpful insights on preparing your home during your pregnancy, asking for the help you’ll need, breastfeeding, getting your twins on a schedule, handling sleep deprivation – as well as time savers, money savers, and sanity savers. Bundling encouragement with practical advice and Cara Krenn personal anecdotes, this book serves as a cheerleader for multiples parents everywhere.


Cara Krenn is the mother of fraternal twin girls and a singleton boy. Her writing on parenting twins has appeared on Babble.com, in Multiplicity Magazine, Twins Magazine, and others. She is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. Read more at www.twinthusiasm.com.


First Time Father of Triplets Shares his story

Father of Triplets

The Featured Blogger Interview today is from Paul. He has recently started blogging at First Time Father Triplets  where he is sharing his journey from conception to the pending birth to Fatherhood. If you are a Triplet mum or dad feel free to reach out and connect with Paul and his blog as he asked the big question we all once asked ourselves, “”How do you do it?” Ha, ha, I mean seriously!!!”

Why did you start your blog?

I started writing the blog as a way for me to capture the feelings and emotions that I was going through as a first time father at age 48. Plus it was a good way for us to go back and relive each step and emotion as they happened. I have never blogged before and I wasn’t sure how I would come across in written form. Hopefully in the future our kids will be able to go back and experience the feelings and emotions we were going through during this wonderful process…

How did you find out your partner was carrying Triplets?

So we go in for our first scheduled appointment and Melanie the Nurse Practitioner asks us about our family history, etc. She gets Rachel ready for the sonogram and just like we expected we’re having a baby!

Melanie measures the fetus and it is approximately 9 weeks 4 days. While measuring – Melanie shrieks “Oh My God!”

ME: What? What’s wrong? Is there a problem?

Melanie calmly says: No, not really. She then asks us if we were using any fertility drugs or if twins or multiple births were common in either of our families.

Rachel’s father has a cousin that had natural triplets. Nothing on my side of the family.

Melanie: “Well, you are having TWINS!” I was shocked, but extremely happy.

She starts to measure the baby B and it’s about the same size 9 weeks, 3 days. Again she shrieks “OMG!”

I had already asked her not to do that!

ME: What’s wrong, is there a problem?

Melanie: Do you guys see what I see?

ME: Yeah you mean that third one right there? I thought you were talking about that one to begin with!

Melanie: “You’re having TRIPLETS!!!” Then she looks at me and asks “Are you all right, do you need to sit down?”

ME: No, no, I’m fine, it is what it is, right??? :-) BREATHE, breathe!!!

OMG – talk about your mind racing, how did this happen? (I know how it happened, SILLY!) At this point Rachel has this shit eating grin on her face! I am pretty sure she was in shock, but extremely happy. I am too!!!

How did you announce your pregnancy to your friends and family?

We wanted to hold on to it for a couple of weeks, because we had lost a baby in October 2014. We manage to hold off for a few weeks, and we started out by sharing with some of our close friends and family. After about a month, we could no longer hide what was going on. Rachel was definitely showing and missing a lot of time at work. We finally came clean and had to tell everybody (including co-workers, we work together at the same company) so that was a little awkward! Everybody was in shock at first, but seemed really happy once they realized we were not joking! (It didn’t help that we started to tell everybody our news on April 1st!)

How are you preparing for a Multiple pregnancy and birth?

At first I went to the internet and started reading every blog that was out there. I joined various forums and searched high and low for anything that I thought would be helpful. There is a ton of information out there. Maybe too much! It seemed like the best advice came from a book on multiple pregnancy written by Dr. Barbara Luke. She gave us realistic goals on weight gain and the amount of nutrition that was needed to carry the babies for as long as possible. We also saw Dr. Danny Wu at Kaiser San Francisco and he was able to answer any questions/fears that we had on the pregnancy/birthing process.

What question or questions do you have for the families in the community?

I guess the biggest question I have is – “How do you do it?” Ha, ha, I mean seriously!!!

What is your favourite blog post to share with the Multiples and More?

I think one of the best blog posts that I have read has to be Tips on Triplets. I really like how it was written from the father’s point of view and I can totally relate to everything that they went through in early pregnancy. It is also a grim reminder that no matter how prepared we are, things can happen that are totally out of our control and that we need to relate our experience to help others that might be on the same path. I think that was a goal that I had in mind when I started to blog about this process. If I could help just one person/couple – it would be totally worth it!

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Join our Featured Interview Twin Mom Blogger Danielle

Let me introduce you to Danielle, mommy to twins Brooklynn & Lincoln and wife to Alain. Danielle lives in lovely Ontario, Canada and blogs over at WayOffScript.  What I love about Danielle’s interview is her letter to her twins who recently turned 2. Blogging gives us the freedom to document our stories, our learnings and inner thoughts that one day our children can maybe one day read (if that is our desire). Thank you so much Danielle! I hope the community enjoys the Featured blogger below. If you would like to be featured just send me a message on the Contact me page above.

Why did you start your blog?

I started blogging years ago. Actually, It was a mess of ideas and emotions written anywhere I could find in the moment. This past year I have followed some really terrific blogs and even though their stories are about mundane and vanilla parts of life rather than lengthy philosophical pieces, I loved reading them. Realizing that you don’t need to be a pro writer and that usually, the best posts are written from honesty, I felt compelled to create a space where my thoughts were organized and maybe one day, my kids can look back on my posts and understand some of the crazy things that mom has going on in her head :) My intention of having a semi private space to work out my thoughts turned into a really fun place to connect and meet people all while sharing pieces of my life with friends and family. The response has been overwhelming and I am so thankful that I haven’t met any haters yet!

Were you surprised to discover you were carrying twins?

Our story is a little unique in that we knew our odds of multiples were quite high. Twins run in my family on both my mother’s side and father’s side. I also suffer from PCOS, so needing hormonal stimulates from a fertility doctor also increased our chances for multiples. Needless to say, the idea of twins was very present and when it was confirmed at eight weeks, I think we both just smiled and thought it was funny.

Twin Mom BloggerWhat was your pregnancy like?

I am certain I will get hate mail for this, but my pregnancy was nearly a dream. No morning sickness, minimum swelling and I carried right til 36w 6d without a single hiccup. Yes, I was sore and was threatened several times to take it easy or risk complete bed rest, but I felt pretty great and really enjoyed bring pregnant. I think I can attribute a lot of my comfort to the doctors and nurses who kept such a close eye on me. I had been closely monitored before we even conceived and was seen almost weekly until I was twelve weeks along. In the remaining twenty-four weeks, I had seven ultrasounds and thirteen stress tests. All standard stuff for multiple moms around here. But having the extra attention and care really helped to ease my mind.

What has been your biggest accomplishment these past 12 months?

Whew…this last year has been wonderful and excruciating. They kids turned two in March, so we are FINALLY over the teething mountain. Boy that was not fun! I would have to say though, even after surviving many colds, hand, foot & mouth disease, two 20hr road trips, and moving across the province, our biggest accomplishment came just a week ago. We put our feet down and implemented a strict bedtime routine. A modified cry it out if you will. We are on night nine and I can truthfully say, it is THE hardest, most rewarding thing you can do for your kids and yourselves. In the crying moments, it can be rough but everyone sleeps better and is more rested for the day, so it is all worth it. My only advice, is to start early! The eight month marks seems to be the golden age.

What is your best advice for a new parent of multiples?

My best advice for new parents is two-fold. Trust your gut and ask for advice :) Hook up with your local multiples chapter and get to know some of the families. Without sounding completely rude, parents with singletons will try their best to help and understand your struggle, but they will never get it. Being a parent of multiples is a completely unique situation that requires a lot of adjusting and patience. Controlling the chaos is your main priority and only other parents of multiples can truly understand your struggle. So connect with some locals and look to them for advice. They will have LOTS to share! Whatever advice you get from friends, book or the internet, take it all in stride. Figure out what works for YOUR family, and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for the choices you make. I can guarantee you will hear hundreds of opinions, but yours is the only one that matters.

What question or questions do you have for the families in the community?

Ooooh so many! Our next big hurdle will be preschool and kindergarten. We are enrolling the kids in french immersion, so for parents who have made this transition already, what are your best tips/things you wish someone told you etc that helped with your transition?

What is your favourite blog post to share with the Multiples and More?

My favorite post recently has to be my letter to the kids on their 2nd birthday. I hadn’t intended to write such an in-depth piece. I sat down to write a quick Happy Birthday message and the rest sort of flowed out if me. You can take a peek at blog post “You Are Two.”

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this community!

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