Handling What People Say



My twin girls are four. By now, the “You’ve got your hands full!” comments are old hat. The “Better you than me!” comments are still inappropriate, but they don’t cause my blood pressure to rise the way they once did. My canned answer to “Double trouble!” is, “Double blessings!” and I roll right along.

I think that people are generally nice. They want to make conversation. But they don’t always know what to say. And when they do say something, they don’t always listen to what comes out of their mouths.

Once upon a time, when the girls were much smaller, my focus was more on getting through a store during “awake time”, when my girls were content to look around in their stroller. The biggest challenge about comments from random people was that they potentially slowed me down, threatening to get me off schedule.

These days, though, the challenges are greater. No, I don’t want to be in the grocery store any longer than I have to with two curious four-year olds…but I also want to be careful with my girls’ tender hearts. I may overthink it, but I fear too many, “You’ve got your hands full!” comments might make the girls question one day if they’re a burden.

That in mind, I had The Worst Experience last week when I was at the grocery store with Baby B, a rare one-on-one “date” for the two of us. We were waiting (a long time) in the checkout line. We started chatting with the nice grandmother behind us. She was super sweet, and she engaged B right away. I love for the girls to practice their conversation skills…and it helped keep her little hands away from the ginormous candy display.

Everything was going great until the lady asked if B had any brothers or sisters. When she learned that Twin Sister was at home, she said to B, “I’ll bet you’re the pretty one, right?”

My heart sank.

I piped in immediately. “No, both my girls are beautiful, inside and out! And they are super smart, too. And they are so kind and loving towards each other. We’re very blessed.”

There again, I know the lady didn’t mean any harm. I know she was just trying to engage with B, and I’m certain she didn’t THINK before she said that

My responses these days can no longer be geared just towards getting on my way as quickly as possible. My girls are watching. They are listening.

I’m trying to model grace. And I’m trying to protect my girls’ precious tender hearts. I can’t expect the random lady at the grocery store to have that in mind when she makes idle chit-chat. In reality, I know the onus is on me.

How do you handle comments from strangers? What’s the “worst” thing you’ve ever heard?

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QOTW: Sick Kids


The winter plague is among most of us. Every time I talk to my parents in Chicago they are telling me about how the hospitals cannot even handle the amount of people with the flu right now. This past week I was home with Jill because she had a case of “the yuckies” (you know, the mysterious illness that forces you to sit and weigh the pros and cons of visiting your pediatrician) and really, there is nothing worse than a sick child or children. I spent most of my time with my Lysol wiping everything down and refilling her orange juice. So here’s my question:

How do you handle sick kids? Do you have a routine that you go through?

Leave your answer in the comment section and if you have a post, leave the link!

Don’t forget next week is the Photo of the Month post! You can email your submissions to multiplesandmoreblog@yahoo.com. Be sure to include your blog url and/or caption.

QOTW: Halloween Pumpkins

We haven’t carved our pumpkins yet (the photo is from last year), but it is one of my favorite things to do around Halloween.  Now, I don’t like scooping out the insides (gross!) and I’m not particularly good at carving (you can tell which pumpkin is mine), but I love the whole tradition of it.

Do you carve pumpkins every Halloween? 

Leave your answer in the comment section and if you have a link (you know, to a photo of your awesome pumpkins) leave it so we can visit!

QOTW: Halloween Costumes

I know, it’s crazy we are already talking about Halloween! I’ve seen people talking about costumes already and when I popped by Target last night they already had costumes out.

For the kiddos first Halloween (they were only a few months old) I just put them in “Happy Halloween” shirts and had banana costumes that they wore for one photo. The next year they were Tinker Bell and Peter Pan, the year after that a train engineer and Alice, and finally last year they were Snow White and a pirate. I really only coordinated them the one year.

So here’s my question:

Do you coordinate your multiples Halloween costumes or do you let them do their own thing? What are some of your favorite costume combos?

Leave your answer to the question in the comment section and if you have a post about it leave the link!

QOTW: School Lunches

Image Credit: Kids Health by Nemours

It’s back to school month and with that comes school lunches. When I was in school my Mom packed me a lunch almost every day. Now, I love my Mom, but let’s face it, sandwiches get old after a while. She did spice it up though by cutting my sandwiches into different shapes, which is always a fun surprise.

Nowadays some schools are pretty strict on what your kids bring for lunch. Remember that story about the girl that brought a sandwich and they made her by chicken nuggets because they didn’t think her lunch was healthy enough? (You can read the story here) As if packing for a picky eater wasn’t already a challenge, now there is the extra pressure of making sure it’s deemed acceptable by the school. Ah! So here’s my question for all of you:

What do you pack for your kids lunches during the school year? Is your school strict about what they bring for lunch? 

Leave your answer in the comment section and if you have a post about it leave there as well!

Here are some helpful resources for school lunch ideas and tips:

Kids Health by Nemours


30 Ideas for School Lunches from Good Housekeeping

QOTW: Back to School

While flipping through my local store ads I noticed all of the back to school sales are starting. Um, didn’t summer vacation just start? Well, seeing that next week is August (AH!) school is just around the corner. My kiddos will start VPK this year and I’m pretending it’s not happening. I’m in an awesome state of denial. So in preparation for the back to school craziness that will be upon us soon, here’s the QOTW:

How do you prepare for Back to School? Is this your kiddos first year in school?

Leave your answer in the comment section and if you have a post written about it be sure to leave the link!

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