What better way to express your creativity and personal style this season than through that centerpiece of holiday decorating, the Christmas tree? If you’re tired of hanging the same mismatched hodgepodge of ornaments year after year, try something new. Here are six Christmas tree themes to try.

1. Ribbons

Skip the glass balls and baubles altogether and try trimming the tree in white lights and ribbon. Tie bows to the tips of branches and wrap wide ribbon around the tree like garland. Tie thin ribbons in holiday colors to the topmost branch and let them cascade down the sides. Don’t forget an oversized bow for the tree topper.

2. Rustic

Decorate a tree that recalls simpler times. Skip the electric lights altogether and use wooden or knitted ornaments that contrast with its green boughs. Bundle twigs with red ribbons to nestle between the branches, and add pops of red with ornaments resembling berries or flowers. Hide your tree stand inside a galvanized bucket or modified barrel, or use burlap as a tree skirt to finish the look.

3. Monochromatic

Why not decorate your tree with just one festive color? Go all-green: lights, garlands and ornaments will make your tree a solid block of Christmas color. Or decorate in red to create a red-and-green masterpiece. Take this idea to the extreme with an artificial tree in your favorite color—pink, teal or even silver—and choose trimmings to match.

4. For the Birds

Nature lovers and bird watchers might consider a bird-themed tree. Decorate with ornaments resembling different species and tuck some birds’ nests between the branches. Create ornaments out of birdseed and pinecones that can be hung outside as birdfeeders after the holidays. Hide an old-fashioned chirping ball beneath the tree as the perfect finishing touch.

5. Let It Snow

Create a winter wonderland inside your home with a snow-themed tree. Use white lights and ornaments shaped like snowflakes, snowballs, snowmen and icicles. Spray fake snow on the tips of the branches and wrap a fluffy white snow cloth around the base of the tree.

6. Go Retro

If you love the trendy retro look, let your tree reflect that. Use brightly colored lights with big, old-fashioned bulbs, and add a string of bubble lights just for fun. Select ornaments in retro-inspired colors like pink, orange and turquoise, and look for vintage decorations or ornaments that recreate the past, like models of classic cars or old electronics. Remember to add plenty of silver tinsel.