Despite continual New Year’s resolutions to simplify our lives, our homes continue to build with clutter. This is exceedingly apparent when taking on the cumbersome task of moving. The task of packing and unpacking all of one’s earthly belongings is daunting, and often leaves our new homes in a state of cluttered chaos.

But there are some simple strategies that you can apply during your next move. These clutter-busting tips will help you eliminate much of the chaos from your move:

1. Donate

Before packing, go through each room of your house and find the items that you rarely use or no longer need. Donate these items to a worthwhile charity— you’ll help others while reducing your own stress level. And for an added bonus, be sure to get a receipt to claim a tax deduction for your donation.

2. Establish a Cleaning Schedule

Attempting to clean and organize an entire house in one swoop often proves intimidating. Instead, divide your decluttering work into a manageable schedule that you can stick to on a regular basis. Designate certain days of the week for particular household tasks. Map out several months’ work at a time, and pencil in tasks that only need to be done occasionally like cleaning the garage or changing air filters.

3. Stop Junk in its Tracks

Sort through your mail directly over a trash can. Immediately throw all junk mail, advertisements, and fliers into the trash rather than setting them on a desk where they will eventually become an out-of-control pile of clutter. Whenever possible, eliminate trash and other clutter at the earliest possible opportunity.

4. Go Digital

From bills to photos, the digital world rids our homes of clutter. You can fit what used to be stacks of paper on a tiny flash drive, which is easy to organize. With specialized scanning devices, you can store all business cards and receipts digitally as well, freeing yourself from piles of paper.

5. Find Extra Space

The easiest way to control clutter when embarking on a move is to set up a storage and organization plan. For all non-essential items that can’t be stored in the home, it makes sense to use a storage unit, like Glen Allen VA self storage. This strategy allows you to prioritize the unpacking of important boxes first, while gradually tackling the stored boxes as time and energy allows. All the while, you keep clutter to a minimum.

6. Hire a Professional

If all other attempts at organizing have failed, bring in a professional organizer to help you jump-start an uncluttered lifestyle. A short-term investment in this service will yield great rewards when you begin unpacking in your new home.

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