Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

So, what the heck am I going to do with my kids?

It's that time of year again...
There's so much to do, but not enough time in which to do it!
There's so much to do, but we're all sick.
I'm tired!
There's so much to do, but I'm running out of motivation.
There's so much to do, but my kids are acting worse than EVER!
Oh great...it's raining again!

Yes, there’s a lot to do.  Yes, time is running out.  Yes, Pinterest is making us feel “craft challenged” because there is so much more you could be doing with your extra ribbon.

So be it…let it go…let’s focus on the important things…coping methods.

How in the world can we possibly make it through this with multiples???  That means more than one kid at the same developmental level…arggghhhhh!!!

Here are a few of my favorite things to make it through the holiday season with multiples (and specifically, the Crazies):

  1. Printables that the Crazies can do when I’m making dinner, filling out cards, or replanning my wedding on Pinterest.  This one has been a huge hit with the Crazies.  I have them color in the objects that I call out in specific colors too so we can make it a “learning experience” rather than just busy work.
  2. Counting the lights around the window.  Then counting just the green ones.  Then counting just the red ones…you get the idea.
  3. Making collages for Santa.  The Crazies can’t write yet, so we took pictures of things we wanted as well as used our ever-improving cutting skills to cut pictures out of catalogs.  We then glued them on paper in lieu of a letter to Santa.
  4. Christmas movies…sans commercials.  We bought something similar to this set last year and it’s so nice to pop on for a quick distraction without the overload of silly toy advertisements!
  5. Creative holiday performances that can be recorded and shared with faraway family members through the magic of YouTube.  I believe we’ll be recreating “Frosty” this year.
  6. Have the “little saints” help you bake cookies for your neighbors.  There isn’t enough neighborly love these days and I’m sure yours would love some sweet treats.  All kids like to help mix things, pour things, and use cookie cutters.  You have to give up a small portion of control (and your sanity) for this task, but the memories will be worth it.  Oh, and you should probably throw some store-bought cookies in there in case your neighbors are a little shy about bodily fluids (let’s face it…kids are gross).
  7. Speaking of cookie cutters, I put mine in a vase on the dining room table.  It makes for a cute centerpiece, but the Crazies also use them to trace designs on their “masterpieces” during busy times.  They’re easy to clean and the pictures are adorable.
  8. Put the wrapping paper away one night and bundle up for a Light Walk.  Take a stroll around your neighborhood and see what’s lit up!  I know a lot of people do this in their car, but there’s something to be said for getting out in the fresh air, being able to see your breath, and holding hands while walking down your street.
  9. Have a few surprises ready to pull out of your bag.  We surprised the Crazies with a drive through lighting display.  I’m taking them to work on a surprise for Husband on Friday (I’d tell you, but he actually reads what I write on the Internet).  It’s a nice thing to be able to use as motivation too…”be good or we can’t go to our surprise,” “eat your dinner so we can leave for our surprise,” and so on.  The unknown can be a wonderful motivator for our “little angels.”
  10. Get them in on the giving.  It’s important that they understand why we give to others and what kind of thought it entails.  This year we did a few things that were new…we included the Crazies in the shopping for the needy families at our church, we took them shopping for each other (and they really thought about what the other one would want), and we included them in shopping for us.  It really made them think about what someone else would want in their otherwise egocentric world.
  11. When in doubt, have a glass of wine, sit back, and let them run loose…they’re trying so hard to be good that it’s gotta feel good to run around like crazy for a few minutes.

What do YOU do?  Send us some of your favorite things.