So you’re having a girl? Congratulations! Before you rush out and buy all the adorable clothes you can find in the shops, you should make a list of what you actually need for your newborn baby girl. Being a little bit practical now will definitely pay off when your little one arrives.


Bodysuits are an essential item for newborns when choosing clothing for your baby. New mums might not be familiar with these — they’re basically long or short sleeved suits that fasten by poppers at the bottom. Not only do they help keep diapers in place, but they’re also a vital layer to protect your baby’s soft skin from other fabrics. Whether you go for short- or long-sleeved depends on the season, but make sure you stock up on at least 10 of these — you’ll be washing them and lots of other baby girl clothes a lot.



Forget little dresses. For the first few months cute all-in-one sleepsuits will likely be your baby’s day wear too. They’re a quick and easy way to dress your baby and will keep her cozy and warm. Newborn sleepsuits come with built-in feet and scratch mitts, useful for protecting your baby from scratching herself. If you want to go super girly go for pink and floral prints, but you can find some fab baby girl clothes in bright shades too. Rainbow stripes and spots look adorable.

Sleep sacks

A sleep sack is the most practical item for your baby to sleep in. It’s a mini sleeping bag which attaches over your baby’s shoulders at the top. Not only do babies look unbelievably cute when they’re in them, but sleep sacks help your baby to sleep because, unlike blankets, they can’t wriggle out of them.

Socks and tights

Shoes aren’t necessary until your baby can walk, so for the meantime keep their tootsies warm with socks, bootees or tights. You’ll find some lovely socks, including ones that look like mini ballet shoes, and nothing is cuter than a tiny pair of bootees!


Every lady needs to accessorize, and new born girls are no exception! Hats are an absolute must, whether it’s summer or winter. In winter, go for fluffy hats with ears, while summer babies usually need a fairly warm hat that will also protect them from the sun. Dribble bibs are also a good idea as your daughter gets a bit bigger.


One thing to note: new mums often underestimate how much clothing they’ll receive as gifts, so be ruthless and only get the basics — there’s a strong chance that you’ll have no shortage of pretty dresses once the visitors have been! Keep any gift receipts, just in case you have to return something, since babies grow so quickly and are often too big for clothes before they’ve barely worn them. And be warned: like it or not, you’ll end up with lots of knitted cardigans from well-meaning grandparents!

Images by Dan Harrelson and Graham and Sheila, used under Creative Commons license