Today my husband Scott is writing the guest post. When it came to kids Scott was the polar opposite of me in every way! I’m the youngest of six kids, so I was around my nieces and nephews all the time and pretty much knew what I was getting myself into. Scott, on the other hand, was the youngest of two children and really was only around his niece, and when I say around I mean in the same area, not necessarily changing diapers or anything. I hope you enjoy his perspective on being a twin daddy! MoM’s let us know your favorite thing your husband does with your kids, and Dad’s tell us what you favorite thing about having twins/trips/quads is!


Growing up I was never really around babies. Now, when I say my experience with babies was limited I mean I knew where the food went in and the poop came out. Anything other than that and I am lost. I mean my niece was around when she was little but I didn’t exactly dive right in and change diapers and feed her and stuff like that.So when Amanda and I found out we were having twins I was pretty much scared to death.

Over the past year since our babies were born I have experienced just about every emotion there is. Granted most of the negative ones were the direct result of sleep deprivation the first three months. And I have found that it is absolutely amazing what you can do when you have only had 4 hours of sleep. But there were two things that kept me going during those first few months and even to today. One is the support of my wife and the way she knows exactly what our children need, and those two little smiles that look up at me and make it all better. Even today nothing beats them falling asleep in my arms or giving me a hug and wrapping their arms around me.

From a Twin Dad's Perspective

With twins you always hear “wow you got your hands full” or “wow how do you manage”?Well I don’t know any different than to have twins.And how do I manage?Well that’s easy, I just do it.I take it day by day and sometimes hour by hour.When you wake up in the morning and you have these two little smiling faces standing there in their crib so excited to see you and jumping up and down or you come home from work and they come running up to meet you at the door that’s when you know it’s all worth it.My favorite thing is to watch them discover new things that they can do.They are so proud of themselves when they figure something out it just makes my heart melt.

One of my favorite things to do with my kids is to go to the parks with them.And when I say parks I mean Walt Disney World.I love the looks on their faces when they’re on the rides and just walking through the park.And as they get older they have new and different outlooks on what is going on.I also love going to the famers market here in town.But best of all is the time I get to play with them.Throwing them up in the air, sometimes a little higher than mommy likes, and just getting on the ground and letting them climb all over me.I catch myself at times doing some of the most idiotic things just to get a laugh out of them.And once I get that laugh I don’t stop as long as they are laughing I am going to do what I can to keep it going.

So what is it like being the dad of twins? Well it is the best thing in the world. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being greeted at the door by two smiling faces, I love watching two very different personalities develop day after day, and I love having my little man and little princess in my life. And for that other great question “Oh a boy and girl well I guess you’re done”. Nope!


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