Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

The Lil’ Water Bearer: Free Spirited and Highly Curious

The Aquarius sign is a free spirit and has the strongest belief in humankind in the zodiac. They seek radical social change, and generally are visionaries and big thinkers, often meaning that they might neglect their close relationships. They are known for continually wanting to enact change, having a nonconformist attitude, and sometimes being stubborn. 

Aquarius babies are eager to learn new things since day one and often will want to question the rules. Those who are born under this air sign will be quite curious and will show creativity from a very early age. This is why you might see Aquarian kids stack and position different toys together, even if they have their stacking toy right in front of them. 

These kids are open to new things, so you can take that to your advantage to stimulate them intellectually. You can read to them often and can also get them puzzles and other educational toys. 

Considering their rebellious side, expose your Aquarius child to set clear rules from a young age, so they know what is expected. They won’t like it but will respect it as long as you keep reminding them who the boss is.

Their idealistic nature and desire to prioritize who hey think needs the most attention will generally hurt their close relationships. As they age, incentivize them to communicate clearly with their loved ones, so there is less room for misunderstandings.

Aquarius baby

Aquarius Twins and Multiples: 

Life with two or more Aquarius children will be fascinating. They will question all the boundaries, and you should help them understand the world we live in. Be ready to have good and constructive reasoning behind the rules you set at home as those will stay with them as they mature and continue navigating the outside world.

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