Some of you may not even be at this point, but we’ve all thought about it. Will I put my twins in the same class or different classes when they’re in school?

The Crazies were just finishing up their 3’s program at our beloved preschool.  I sat down with their teacher for our final conference and she started talking about the teachers for the 4’s program.  While all were good, she felt that each of the Crazies would do better with a specific teacher.  She also dropped the bomb that they typically split twins by the 4’s program anyway.

I didn’t have a problem with it.  The Crazies are not attached at the hip.  They don’t do everything together.  A little time away might actually be good for them.  So, I didn’t fight it.

Some people do.  I didn’t.  To each their own, right?

As the summer started, I was excited to think about all of the things we could do together.  I was also excited because the Crazies were SO much more independent and could really hang out with each other without having me involved every two seconds.  Don’t get me wrong…I love the Crazies, but after almost 4 years of playing cruise director, it was time for them to start playing on their own.

It lasted for approximately 2 weeks (if that…let’s be honest).  Then the fighting started…and it never ended.

Not only did I still have to come up with things to do, but I also had to play referee.  I was so tired by the time August came around that if I hadn’t already agreed to split them, I would have requested it at that point.

We got our letters.  They had different teachers.  All was right in the preschool world.

School started.  I had to attend two separate orientations.  I sat through two different speeches about how the year would go.  I realized that their teachers are very different and yet very appropriately matched to the Crazies.  One was soft spoken and sweet and one was more humorous and boisterous.  It was all working out.

Now, how would the Crazies be when the first day of school rolled around?  Would they be sad to say good-bye?  Would they want to separate?  Would they cry?  Geez…I HATE crying kids on the first day of school!  That would not be tolerated!

So, we discussed… ad nauseam

The first day was here and we were all dressed and ready to roll.  They told me they understood that they were going to different classes and they were okay with it.  We dropped Matt off first.  He barely said good-bye to us.  Then we walked down the hall to Hailey’s class and her teacher complimented her dress.  That’s pretty much all you have to do with Hailey, so they were a perfect match!

Then I was free!!

So, now we’re a few weeks into the school year and here is what I’ve noticed:

  • The Crazies don’t mind going into separate rooms.
  • They’re getting along better in general.
  • They find each other on the playground.
  • They are VERY happy in their classes.
  • Hailey insists on Matt coming to pick her up every day because, as she says, “he makes me proud.”
  • They hug when they say good-bye and when they say hello.
  • They have something to discuss in the car or at the dinner table.
  • They love to talk about how their classes were different.
  • I have see differences in their confidence and personalities in general now that they’ve been split up.  It’s been wonderful for them to be able to grow as a separate entity.

What about you?  How did you decide?  Was there a policy at your school?  How did it effect the kids?