Aries (March 21 – April 19)

The Lamb or Baby Ram: Passionate and Independent Leaders

A born leader, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and is bold and ambitious from a young age. A Ram always has multiple projects happening at once and will invest everything they have towards winning. This fire sign likes going straight to the point and gets annoyed by distractions or unnecessary details. This makes them super frank and sometimes can be perceived as rude as they won’t generally waste time filtering their thoughts. If you can keep up with their dreams and honesty, you’ll have a friend for a lifetime. Aries is usually known for being confident, impulsive, passionate, and motivated. 

An Aries baby will be active all of the time and will become quite fussy if there is no movement and is forced to stay still. To keep you Aries child busy, look for infant puzzles or stacking toys to keep your baby’s mind stimulated for a while, which will reduce the issues with boredom.

As an alternative, find new and exciting places to take your little ram. Any new place counts, from a new mall that you have not visited with your child to a local safari or a jungle gym. An Aries baby that is forced to stay home for too long will get fussy and restless as they are short-tempered.

Anger episodes will most likely be faced often. Allow your child to express those heated emotions, however, teach them how to channel those emotions, so they do not hurt themselves or others. The earlier they learn to manage it, the better.

As they age, infuse contest like activities to fuel motivation. An Aries child will be competitive from a young age, and competing will help them with the urge to have a goal to work towards, and continuously improving themselves. 

Also, always be truthful to them. This is a sign that will hold a lie against you for a long time (from weeks to years), even if your intentions were good. They value honesty above all else, so when tempted to produce a white lie, don’t.

Aries Baby

Aries Twins and Multiples: 

This sign needs supervision as their wild energy and desire to push boundaries will take them to do risky things. If you have more than one Aries at home, let them have fun together but pay close attention so they can do so while being safe. When they are old enough, get them to do physical activities such as martial arts or swimming to funnel the desire to stretch their boundaries.

Aries kids will spend time together, but they will also need alone time as they are independent. Try to set up areas or situations for them to have me time if they need it.

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