Re-released on DVD is Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Magical World. This DVD is a series of three stories that are absolutely adorable. Here is more info on the film:

Belle’s Magical World comes to life in three charming fantasy adventures presented like chapters in a storybook. In The Perfect Word, a silly misunderstanding between Belle and the Beast leads to a lesson in forgiveness. Then, in Fifi’s Folly, a romantic evening for Lumiere and Fifi snowballs into a thrilling plunge down the mountain in a runaway sleigh. In Broken Wing, Belle urges the Beast to free a tiny songbird as an act of kindness. Enriched with gentle lessons and two original songs that seamlessly fold one tale into the next.

My kids and I loved this film. Like Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, many of the voices are the same as the original film. The only voice I noticed that was different is Mrs. Potts. The different stories are so cute and share great lessons, plus I love that there are stories featuring characters other than Belle and the Beast.

Who is your favorite Beauty and the Beast character?