Welcome to Pam’s Picks, where I will share some of my favorite products related to raising multiples. In my case, triplets.

This month, we’re going to talk about something really fun…birthday parties!

My boys’ first birthday party was more for me and my husband than for the kids. We’d made it through the tough first year of multiples! We deserved to have a big celebration. So we invited all of our friends and family and opened our home to them. I made the cakes from scratch, decorated the house, bought food and drinks for an army, and planned everything down to the smallest detail.

Can you say stress?

But for their second birthday, I decided to have it at our local children’s museum. That was the best money I ever spent! The party was smaller than the first one, because we didn’t feel the need to invite everyone. This party was for kids, not adults. I appointed a friend to take pictures of everything, I had help from the museum staff, and we got to sing Happy Birthday to each boy individually. I didn’t worry too much about food or drinks, and I let my mom make the cupcakes.

Even though both parties were quite different from each other, I was still able to have a great time shopping for them. Of course!

For their first birthday, I got these adorable hats (that went unworn, of course) and cupcake flags from Gaddie & Tood.


(The popcorn containers came from the Target Dollar Spot.)

Candles and cupcake wrappers came from HeyYoYo.


Their shirts came from Etsy seller RosieO.

One year old!

For their second birthday party, I scored some clearanced Martha Stewart party kits, which set the theme – Monkeys! I won some great personalized birthday t-shirts from A Few of My Favorite Things. They were made by the Etsy seller Ashley Alexander.


I also got cupcake decorations from Etsy. These “2”s, along with some cute fondant monkeys came from Clineff’s Confections and I got the lettered cupcake flags from lil boo & co.


For both parties, I hit up Target for the small helium tank…what’s a birthday party without balloons?


Now I just have to figure out what we’re going to do for their third birthday party. Thank goodness we have ten months to figure that one out!

Where do you shop for party supplies for your multiples’ birthdays?

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