With back to school time upon us we thought it would only be appropriate to hear from our good friends at Sylvan Learning. Sylvan has a free online Book Adventure program that is perfect for back to school!

As you may know, recent studies have illustrated a startling decline in how much and how well our society reads. This in turn has adversely affected our culture, economy and civic life as well as our children’s educational achievement and potential career growth. Research has shown a link between a child’s academic success and his or her reading experience at home. Encouraging children to read helps transform reading from a basic skill to a learned behavior and an intellectual habit.As you know, reading is an adventure that begins early in a child’s life and should extend beyond the classroom. Children exhibit certain reading behaviors at a young age. By understanding and nurturing these behaviors, parents can make reading fun and inspire their children to develop a lifelong friendship with books. To encourage kids to develop a lifelong love of reading, families can use – Book Adventure, a FREE online reading motivation program that uses fun, interactive technology and incentives to motivate children in grades K-8 created by Sylvan Learning.

With the beginning of the new school year, Book Adventure is an ideal resource for –

• Supplemental reading activity

• Comprehensive literacy and reading resources

• Accessed anywhere: home, school, library

• Students and teachers can choose appropriate books from the Book Adventure database, then students can go to the library and check the books out and read them. They return to the Book Adventure web site to take a quizzes on the books they’ve read and are awarded points based on the number of questions they answer correctly.

How Does Book Adventure work? –

• Children create their own book lists from more than 7,500 recommended titles,

• Kids then take multiple choice quizzes on the books they’ve read and earn points and prizes for their literary successes

• Redeemable points are awarded

• Parents and Teachers monitor the child’s progress

In early September, the Book Adventure web site will have a new interface with additional book titles included and enhanced functionality. You can check out the Book Adventure website by visiting www.bookadventure.com

You can also join Sylvan and Book Adventure’s Read for Relief cause to support relief and recovery efforts in the Gulf region. Starting Tuesday, July 27, for every book quiz completed by your students on Book Adventure, they’ll donate 10 cents to the United Way Gulf Recovery Fund, up to $10,000 (Check out their Facebook cause page for more information).