The featured blogger this week is Britni of A Little Sugar ‘N Spice! Britni is the proud MoM of 6 1/2 Elias, and 25 month old twins Simon and Gabriella.  Britni also blogs at The TWINcredibles.

What got you into blogging?

A friend of mind had sent me a link to her blog, and I thought I should do this, I have tons of oput of town family, including 7 out of state siblings, I have one who lives her in Spokane! It wasn’t until I was pregnant with the twins and I decided that I was going to start blogging and sharing life with Friends and family. After the twins were born I discovered that I needed to connect with other M.O.M – I started reading tons and tons of M.O.M blogs and was inspired, to share what it’s like for our Twin family!

Were you surprised to find out you were having twins?

Totally SHOCKED! Even though at 12 weeks I looked like I was about 6 months. Due to past circumstances my HGH was tested. In 1 day my number doubled, and had tripled the next. I truly didn’t think anything of it, I was just happy that my baby was growning. About a week later we had my 12 week appointment. I still remember the look on my midwifes face when she found two heartbeats. She never said anything about it just “HMMMM!” I had a ultrasound the next Morning – “There’s baby A and right there is Baby B!” rings in my mind often. We were in a state of Excited Shock for about 2 weeks!

How did your son Elias react to the news of twins?

After a 2nd trimester miscarrage in 2008, that was totally heartbreaking to Elias. He didn’t understand. Once the HGH levels came back good we told him, that Mommy had another baby in her tummy. His response was stunning “No Mommy you have a baby Brother AND a baby Sister in your tummy! At 12 weeks he was in the Ultrasound room, when he saw the ‘BABIES’ he smiled and said “I told you!” after the U/S we went to my mom’s work and Elias went running in with a Ultrasound picture yelling “We have two babies!” After that he would tell anyone and everyone – “My mommy is having twins, thats two babies!!!”

Elias is homeschooled, what resources do you use when you homeschool?

We are very hands on, we are outside and in nature a lot. He is a very hands on learned so this is great for us! We use the library a lot, we have found a lot of great things about Learning Spanish and ASL (two of his favorites) There are a number of website that are Free that I use often, lots have great worksheet printables!- I have them posted under the ‘homeschool’ tab on my blog. I plan to get a iPad in the near future, I have heard there are some GREAT apps for schooling!

You’ve cloth diapered, what’s the biggest misconception when it comes to cloth diapering? Any favorite brands of diapers?

The are two big ones:
1st “You can’t cloth diaper twins, that would just coast too much”
We made the desision to cloth diaper know that we would save a huge amont of money. We were buying 1 package of desposible diapers ever 6 days – each package was about $15. I knew the cloth diapers I wanted BumGenius they ran at $18 each. After crunching the numbers we made the desicion to buy 12 BumGenius Diapers – 6 for him, 6 for her. It was the best decision we made! I do recommend doing rescerch about all the different kind of Cloth diapers…there are a lot, talking to another M.O.M who cloth diapers is VERY helpful as well. I would be more than happy to answer any questions!

2nd “You end up doing a ton more laundry”
Honestly, we have maybe added one extra load of laundry per week.

My all time favorite Cloth Diapers are BumGenius, they are one size, so they grow with your baby, this was a huge must for us since we do have two babies. They come is a bunch of adorable colors and prints. They are well worth the price and still look almost brand new to this day. The twins are not potty trained yet and still wear these diapers!

You and your husband own a photography business, what’s your best photography tip?

When having family portrait done don’t fuss with trying to make everything perfect. You’d be suprised to know that some of the cutest pictures we have are the “accidental” shot.

What would you do with an extra hour in your day?

It depends, would my kids be asleep or awake? 🙂
If they were awake, an extra hour at the Park with Daddy would make my day, and their’s too!
If they were asleep, an extra hour with my husband, just spending time together, talking, whatever would be amazing!

What question(s) do you have for the other families in the community?

Honestly I would love to meet another close knit family (families) with twins around our twins age. That is something that we lack. I don’t belong to any of our local Mother’s of Multiples groups, because I don’t want to complain about my life…I love my life.

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