Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The Baby Crab: Sensitive Souls with Strong Emotions 

Cancers are highly intuitive, self- protective, and sensitive to their environments. These crabs are protected by hard shells, so it might take some time to get to know who they really are. They might not be easy to approach or understand at first, but once they open up, you have a friend for life.

Cancer babies are highly emotional and will pick up on any type of stress and tension that is happening around them. Parents with Cancer children will want to work extra hard with managing any distress so they can keep their kids calm as possible. 

And you might have noticed this by now but, these babies generally need plenty of cuddling. They crave touch and are comforted by it as well, so make sure you make time for cuddling with them. 

Cancer babies are also extremely creative and love the arts. Once they are old enough to sit and crawl, introduce them to arts and crafts as it is an excellent way for them to support early learning and brain development.

Even though they appreciate doing things alone, Cancer kids are also highly social, and they absolutely love to role play. Playing role-playing games with them will keep them amused and happy. Let them pretend to be the mom or the dad, and you can pretend to be the child. Besides, this will give you a break in being the parent for a little while. 

As they age, they might not appreciate small talk (questions like how was your day?) if you are on your phone or not paying attention. So when interacting with your Cancer child, make sure they have reasons to believe you are interested in the conversation.

Cancer baby

Cancer Twins and Multiples: 

This might be the most sensitive combination of multiples. Be prepared to patiently moderate discussions as Cancers get hurt and frightened easily. Also, set up some space they can go to when they need a break or want some alone time. 

Considering their hard crab shells, encourage them to get outside of their comfort zone and try new things. They might more open to doing so, having their sibling with them. 

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