Capricorn (December – 22 January 19)

The Baby Goat: Ambitious Hard-Working Perfectionists

Capricorns are highly focused on long term goals, which makes them seem cold and unemotional from a young age. However, as they mature and gain experiences, they become more playful and optimistic.

Capricorn babies are very thoughtful. Watch them when they are playing with their stacking toys, and you might notice that they will ensure it’s built with perfection. Capricorn children will take matters very seriously and will be quite hard on themselves if they don’t do something that they consider is right. 

These kids need to be taught at a very young age that there is no such thing as perfection. They should always be encouraged to be ambitious but to strive for excellence instead of perfection because it does not exist. 

And if they get upset about not getting something done the right way, you should comfort them by pointing out the things they did do right and how incredible they are for being so ambitious. This will be something that they will struggle with for a long time because this is their nature. 

Your Capricorn child will thrive in situations with clear rules and constraints. To contribute to their development and creative thinking, as they age, try to expose them to ambiguous situations so they can flex their adaptability muscles. 

Another area you will want to work with your Capricorn child is to teach them not to be so hard on people, including themselves. They can have very high and unrealistic standards and will be disappointed when those are not met. 

Capricorn baby

Capricorn Twins and Multiples: 

Capricorn kids need a challenge to improve themselves and become more comfortable with who they are. Set up constructive activities they can work on together and be prepared to navigate through their frustrations. 

Also, there will be some likelihood to have drama around expectations from one another. Teach them that what matters the most are the intentions and making progress towards the bigger goal.

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