Remember our Shout Out MoM from last week, Amber Hughes? Well she did a post called Confessions of a triplet mom and we loved it so much we had to make our own (they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all!).

Enjoy our combined list of confessions.. and feel free to add your own!

  • I pretend I’m` still asleep on the weekends when the kids get up so I can catch an extra 30 minutes of sleep while Scott feeds them. Hmmm maybe I shouldn’t have confessed that.
  • 90% of the time I don’t even know what my name is, what I was doing or why I was even doing it. I thought when the kids started sleeping through the night that whole sleep deprivation thing would be gone.
  • I used to wear high heels, skirts and dresses on a daily basis while I worked. Now I wear flip flops, capris, and t-shirts, all of which usually have dried food, formula or drool on them.
  • My underwear drawer used to be like a Victoria’s Secret store but let’s face it, one pair is the price of a can of formula. Hanes Her Way on sale at Target? Yup that works…
  • * My new obsession is developmental toys for kids and what preschool in the area is the best. What happened to shoes and clothes?
  • I spend an obnoxious amount of time in the bathroom just so I can read a magazine. The bathroom is my new haven, nobody bothers you in there…yet.
  • Spontaneity now requires at least an hours notice. Remember when you could just call someone and say “Hey let’s go to…”? Not anymore, now it’s “Well how about after lunch we go here, but I have to do this and then pack this and wait, I think so and so just pooped…”
  • When did running to the grocery store while my husband stays home with the kids become a welcomed break in the day? What happened to mani-pedi’s?
  • I have always worn sunglasses, I love them, but I now wear super large/celebrity style sunglasses that cover half my face. Not to block the harmful UV rays, but to hide the canyons that are forming under my eyes.
  • I would rather have a root canal with no pain medicine than go swimsuit shopping. There is no swimsuit that can cover my problem areas…strike that, there are but a) I’m not 80 years old b) it is not 1920 and c) Seaworld does not rent out wetsuits, (believe me we asked)
  • When did my DVD collection switch from classics like Gone with the Wind, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and An Affair to Remember to Baby Einstein, Princess Sing-a-longs and Sesame Street?
  • I no longer sing popular songs in the shower. Nope, I sing (and sign) the theme to Signing Time. (“There’s singing time, and dancing time, and laughing time, and playing time, now it is our favorite time, Siiiigning Time!”)
  • I secretly pray that the neighbors don’t see me running to the mailbox to get the mail in my pajamas….at 3 in the afternoon.
  • I have no idea what the big deal is about “the weekend”.. in fact, most days I don’t even know what day of the week it is.
  • After I get the kids fed, bathed, and in bed, instead of jumping into the daily cleanup, I collapse in an exhausted heap for a while… at 8 pm. Remember when you were just starting to get ready to go out at 8 pm?