Summer is nearing it’s end and Fall will soon be here.  A time when our kids return to school, we pack up the kiddie pools, the leaves change to beautiful colors, we begin baking apple pies, and picking out pumpkins.

Before we hit the pumpkin phase though we go through the apple phase in our house.   We normally head out to a farm to pick apples, and find all kinds of wonderful ways to enjoy them.  We decided to start  our transition into Fall by creating a lovely banner to hang in the house to begin our decorating for the Fall.

I don’t know about you, but we have a mountain of re-useable bags in our house of all shapes, sizes, and materials.  There is no possible way we can use all of these for the purposes for which they were intended, so I have decided to start re-purposing a few of them.

We started our project by cutting up a couple of larger burlap bags:

Using a rectangular piece of scrap paper as a template I cut out the pieces we would use for the banner:

I then set the twins up with half an apple each, a brush and a big glob of fabric paint on a piece of board.

They used the brush to spread small amounts of paint at a time on the piece of card and then using their apple half like a stamp, put it on the paint and then onto their piece of burlap.

Once all of the burlap pieces were stamped, I used a Painter Pen to draw on a few apple features and set the banner pieces aside to dry.

Once dry I used flexible metal jump rings to attach the banner pieces to a piece of cord.

And there you have it, a Fall banner … that could actually be hung year-round.

I’ve decided to hang mine above my kitchen window.

Happy Crafting.