We have a large rock garden.   It was already here when we bought the house.  It’s hideous.   Next Spring I plan on turning it into a vegetable garden.  It will take a lot of work to get it to that point though and of course the rocks must go.  I plan on moving a section of them under the kids play structure for little man to play with his construction vehicles.  We decided to try rock painting this week too.  It was our first experience painting rocks and the kids loved it.

To begin the process sketched a few typical Halloween images onto a piece of paper, then we went outside to search for rocks in shapes that would work for each.  Once we had found our rocks the kids set to work painting them with the base colors.

Rock painting with kids

They painted two coats on each rock (we used outdoor paint for this project) allowing the first coat to dry before doing the next.

I used a pencil to draw on features and to show the kids where colors should be separated

Halloween Rock Painting

Then we used black and white Elmer’s Painters Pens to go over the features on each rock and to write sayings on a couple too.

Halloween Rock Painting

Now I have to decide where we will display them; maybe on the mantel, in the garden along our front path, or scattered around our house as part of our Halloween decor.

What are your crafting for Halloween?