Having recently moved house we are constantly looking for ways to re-purpose our old things.  When you move you tend to be left with a lot of things that no longer fit into your house, your kids grow up a little and outgrow things, or you simply don’t want to display something any longer, but don’t want to just throw it out either.

The kids and I decided to make this fun magnet board out of one such item.

While I was unpacking boxes recently I came across this sign that once hung in our teens bedroom.

I thought that this would make a fantastic magnet board, and we had everything we needed to transform this.

Items needed

  1. Magnets
  2. Scrapbook paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Markers

We found a lovely piece of scrapbook paper that had a water pattern on it, so I trimmed off the side so it would fit and gave Marisol a glue stick so she could attach it to the sign.

While she did that, Flynn set to work with a pair of scissors cutting small lines in a strip of green card that would be the seaweed.  TIP: cut about 1/3 of the way through the strip, then once it is glued down, you can ruffle the top section to give it more dimension.  He then added some bubbles to the water.

While this was drying, the kids traced around cookie cutters and then I helped them cut out some fish.  Then using markers they drew on happy smiling faces on each.

We then glued magnets to the back of each sea creature

 Now we have a fabulous new magnet board that we can build on.  The kids already have plans to make an octopus and a shark magnet.

I think we should make some shells too.  Maybe we could pretend that it’s a goldfish bowl and make some gold fish and plants.  The possibilities are endless.

See if you can find a piece of scrapbook paper with a nature scene on it such as a tree, grass or hills.  Make some animals and birds, or a picnic set.

Happy Crafting.