Hello Spring!

Spring is here, and it’s time for gardening and pretty flowers.   I decided we should pretty up some of our pots by making some birds to plant in each.  This was a great project for the kids to help with, and they take less than 30 minutes to make.

Items needed:

pre-cut wood birds (available at craft stores)

wooden dowel rods

scrapbook paper

mod podge and hot glue



silver glitter glue

Begin by laying the wood bird on the piece of scrapbook paper and trace around it.  Carefully cut out the scrapbook paper bird.  You will need to cut one for both the front and back side.

Apply a layer of mod podge to one side of the wooden bird and gently attach the scrapbook paper bird to it.  Repeat on the reverse side.   Once dry use the piece of sandpaper to gently sand the edges so that the paper blends with the wood and isn’t hanging over.  Apply another layer of mod podge to the outside of the paper, and repeat once dry on the reverse side.

Apply hot glue to about one inch of the wooden dowel rod and attach it to one side of the bird.   Add a dot of silver glitter glue to the bird for the eye.  Pop your pretty bird into one of your flower pots. Make sure that your birds are in a protected area where they won’t be ruined by the weather.  Ours will be making their home indoors.

Happy crafting!