If you haven’t seen it around the blogosphere by now, let me share a great deal from Amazon! It’s called Amazon Family. If you haven’t seen the great December price drops at Amazon, especially on toys, you’ll see why Prime Shipping is so handy right now.

You can grab stocking stuffers and other low-priced items without filling your cart. I’ll also fill up my Gift Closet with low-priced art supplies and toys for the birthdays coming up.

Another benefit is 20% off diapers and wipes. Most are eligible for the 15% Subscribe & Save discount. And, you can make that discount a fantastic 50% off by using the Amazon Diaper coupon found in Parents Magazine each month look for a neon green coupon in the December issue! For most brands and sizes, this beats the per-diaper price compared to BJ’s, Sams Club, and Costco, and the diapers come right to your house what a treat!