Today’s guest blog is from Rebecca of The Joy of IVF!

Did I Say That? (channeling Steve Urkel as a Twin Mom)
As the mother of boy/girl twins who just turned two, I find myself saying very strange comments throughout our days. As a disclaimer, I am one that laughs at farts jokes and thinks that any sentence with the word “balls” in it is funny. So, it should come of no surprise that I can easily find hilarity in some of these little ditties.
This post could also be named for Steve Carell of The Office b/c I also follow up a lot of these comment with “That’s what she said.”
  • Stop licking those balls.
  • You cannot touch those privates…you can only touch your own privates.
  • Don’t pee on her.
  • Don’t play with his pee.
  • No, you don’t have boobies.
  • Yes, you do have boobies…well, sorta.
  • Get off my boobies.
  • No, poop doesn’t come out of there…it comes out of here.
  • Take off all of your clothes…RIGHT NOW!!!
  • Stop putting your finger in there…it’s dirty!
  • Do not put that in your mouth.
  • Stop trying to put that in her mouth…she doesn’t want it!
  • Don’t touch her poop.
What kind of things do you hear yourself saying that make you giggle? After all, if we don’t find the humor in some of this craziness, we may just have to visit the insane asylum!!!