Routine becomes magic as DidiPop sings her way into children’s hearts. “Everyday Adventures”, her new CD co-produced in Nashville with Brad Jones, bubbles with rhythmic delight.

The lyrics deliver the empowering message that life can be a wonderland of fun, love and laughter. The song, “Yellow Car”, inspires kids to count cars, make wishes and have fun driving with the family. “The Cool Alphabet Song” plays with sound as it both teaches and tickles imaginations. Later, in “Neferdidi”, a dancing genie whisks children’s to Paris.

I love DidiPop, and my kids and I usually listen to her while we are in the car. “Everyday Adventures” is another fabulous CD from DidiPop and has been on constant play in our car. I love that each song teaches my kids things like counting, the alphabet, French vocabulary, table etiquette, days of the week and months of the year. Plus, it’s adorable to hear them singing along in the backseat.

Do you listen to DidiPop? What’s your favorite song?