Earlier in the week I put up on Facebook that I was looking for suggestions for topics you would like discussed.  One the of the questions brought up was about discipline and tips for disciplining multiples.  Last January I interviewed Dr. Fran Walfish about the topic, you can read the interview here.

A specific question was brought up this time and I went to my go-to multiples expert, Dr. Joan Friedman for the answer. The question was, “If one is scolded the other does the same naughty thing so that he can be scolded too. Normal?” Here’s was Dr. Friedman had to say:

“This often does happen because some twin toddlers struggle with feeling their separateness.  Given their cognitive immaturity, they often have trouble distinguishing between themselves and their twin.  Parents can help twins of this age grow into their individuality by commenting on one twin’s need to get punished too by saying something like: Mommy told Danny not to do this and that is why he is punished; you (Danielle) are not punished because you stopped yourself – Or something like this – so that the twins can hear how the parents are making a conscious attempt to verbalize and distinguish one twin from the other. Eventually, this will help the twins grow into their separate identities.”

Do you notice your multiples doing this? Do you have any discipline tips you would like to share?

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