Boy, things have changed. Back when I had my twins (in 2006), you could send away for many discounts and freebies for multiples. Between the rising rates of twins, triplets and more and the downturn of the economy, these offers are now hard to come by!

On the other hand, I think many expectant parents have realized that they’re better off spending their money wisely–by shopping around for the best deals on car seats and cribs and buying many items used from Craigslist and other parents of multiples. As we often recommend here at Multiples and More, there are many benefits to joining a local multiples club during your pregnancy, including saving on big-ticket items.

If you’re shopping new, however, hopefully these discounts and freebies will be helpful:

Babies R Us

Most Babies R Us stores offer 10% off two or more of the same item purchased at the same time (for example two cribs, two bedding sets, 2 strollers, etc.). If you’re shopping in-store, you’ll need to ask the manager directly to apply the discount, which is only good on furniture, bedding sets, car seats, strollers, highchairs, swings, and carriers. I remember having trouble getting this particular discount at my local store (way back when), so let us know if you’ve had success.

Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby stores also offer a 10% discount when purchasing two of the same item, like Babies R Us, but there’s an additional perk. Since they put out their own coupons (you’ll need to sign up for their mailing list) and also accept Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons, you can stack those on top of the multiples discount for extra savings.

Huggies and Pampers

Huggies offers a one-time gift of coupons and samples to parents of multiples. Send in a copy of your birth certificates to the US or Canada address listed at the Huggies FAQ page. You’ll need to click over to page 2, and you’ll see it at the top under “Do you have any type of program for multiples births?” Pampers also offers a one-time gift of coupons, according to their website. Send your hospital discharge papers (with personal info blacked out) to the address listed.


Mustela (skin care for moms and babies) will send a one-time gift to the parents of twins, triplets, and other multiples. To receive a gift, fax or mail a copy of each birth certificate within six months of the date of birth to the address listed at the Mustela website (scroll down to the very bottom).

Where have you found discounts for multiples?

Please let us know in the Comments if you’ve had luck getting a discount for your multiples, and what year you did it (since it keeps changing!).