How many times have I heard that question?
People generally ask it while we’re in the grocery store, the Crazies are sharing a cart, and they’re practicing their headbutting.  They’re like black belts at headbutting…don’t get jealous.
Oh, and the people who ask, they’re so hopeful…so innocent…and so deflated when my answer is “no.”
It’s true…
I’m honest…
I cannot tell a lie…
Bahahahahaha…I lie all the time (shhhh…don’t tell anyone).
I can’t lie about this.
The Crazies DO NOT get along well.
Do people really expect them to?
Matt was kicking Hailey in the ribs in the womb.  His tush was lodged directly on the top of her head and he would repeatedly kick her in the stomach!  I seriously worried that he would cause her some sort of damage as it never stopped…for 38.5 weeks!  It was crazy!
Here’s the thing though…do people ask non-twin mothers the same question?  Or do they have the wherewithal to know that siblings do not get along all the time?  Do they realize that just because relatives have known each other for a while, doesn’t mean that they’ll be BFFs right off?  
Ummm…hello?  Family is the “other f-word” in some houses, right?
Does anyone else get this question?  Am I the only MoM who doesn’t have buddy-buddy twins?  Does anyone else have twins/triples/quads/sibling who routinely put on the Saturday Night Show for the WWF???
Are there moments?  Brief glimmers of hope that make me believe that they won’t pummel each other to death?  Yes…there are tiny little moments that make me catch me breath as they hold hands, help each other with a task, or hug.  Those moments are rare and lovely.  I hold onto them like a person stranded in the desert would hold onto a single drop of water.
When I’m not trying to suck that drop of water out of the cactus, I’m playing referee…and as thirsty as I am, I am happy.
This is my family…we are not perfect…please don’t expect us to be.