You might be having strange symptoms for several days, and you may wonder if you are catching a virus, or perhaps you may be pregnant :). Whether you have been purposely trying to conceive or not, you will want to find out if you have a bun in the oven. 

Pregnancy symptoms often do mimic premenstrual syndrome or PMS symptoms. Let’s now go over the list of early pregnancy symptoms that causes women to go to the local drugstore to buy a home pregnancy test or go straight to the doctor’s office!

1. The Period Is Not Coming

The most typical symptom of pregnancy is that there is no sign of a period at all. The reason that periods happen is that as the lining in the uterus builds and prepares the womb for embryo implantation. Nevertheless, the cause of menstruation is that 10 to 14 days after the ovulation (approximately) and there is no embryo detected, the lining of the uterus begins to shed.

However, if there is an embryo that has implanted, then no period will come. Other causes for the absence of menstruation are being under extreme stress, a significant dietary change, weight changes, or illness. 

2. The Period Is Unusual And Light

Some pregnant women very early on do not get a period at all, and others can get some very light spotting that has the color of brown or light pink. That happens because occasionally, when the embryo implants, there can be a little bit of bleeding; as a result, this is called implantation bleeding or spotting. The blood is never bright red. 

Other causes for this can be hormonal changes due to unknown reasons or an injury in that sensitive area.

3. Extremely Sensitive And Tender Breasts

It is common to have very tender breasts when you have PMS, but when there is a case of early pregnancy, the breasts are even more delicate, and you can feel they are heavy. You can thank the hormones at work for this!

4. Feeling Extremely Tired

Fatigue is a very common symptom of early pregnancy, and it is quite extreme to the point that you are having a hard time getting out of bed or off of the sofa. As you might guess, this is a result of your hormones working overdrive and your body adjusting itself to carry a baby, and that is a lot of work.

 Other causes for extreme fatigue are not getting enough sleep, an underlying illness that has not been detected, or being overly stressed. 

5. Craving Certain Foods As Well As Being Repelled By Others

Food cravings and dislikes are common in early pregnancy. You either crave a type of food that you have only tried once or have never tried before or you suddenly are repelled by food that you typically enjoy eating. That is a result of hormonal changes. It is not unusual to experience a little of this symptom with PMS as well.

6. Feeling And Being Sick

The majority of pregnant women undergo some form of sickness that involves nausea only or both nausea and vomiting. That symptom does not always appear immediately as it often starts around six weeks of being pregnant. Still, some women get this symptom right away. 

Other causes for the sickness of this nature are having the flu or food poisoning. 

7. Constipation: Unable To do #2 (Poop)

Constipation is a typical early pregnancy symptom, and it is a result of the rising progesterone that can create motility and digestive problems. The best way to fight this problem is to drink a lot of water and eat plenty of fibrous foods. 

8. Having Headaches

Having Headache

It is common for women to get headaches in early pregnancy, and that is a result of the blood circulation due to hormonal fluctuations changing.

Other causes for headaches can be eye strain, not getting enough sleep, or having a pulled muscle in the back of the neck. 

9. Feeling Faint Or Dizzy

Your blood pressure will drop, and your vessels will dilate in early pregnancy, and this can cause you to feel dizzy or faint. The best thing to do is when you are getting up from a sitting position, get up very slowly.

Other causes can be fluid in the ears.

10. Mood Swings

One minute you are happy, the next minute, you are sad, and the next minute you are frustrated. This is normal in early pregnancy, and it is a result of those hormones being at work. Mood swings happen during PMS as well.

11. Body Basal Temperature Is Raised

You will only know this if you have been taking your temperature each morning upon waking with a basal body thermometer, which shows your basal temperature. It is raised somewhat from ovulation until menstruation. 

If you are late and your temperature is elevated, then that is a sign of pregnancy.

12. Your Intuition Is Telling You That You Are Pregnant

Sometimes you may not have many or any of these pregnancy symptoms, but you just have that strong feeling that you are pregnant, and intuition never lies!. Additionally, a mother’s intuition is pretty strong. If your intuition is telling you that you are pregnant, then is the time to go for a test. 

Every pregnancy is different, and you may have one symptom or all of these symptoms. However, if you sense you are pregnant, then you need to get tested for it right away, so you know about the next steps to take. Don’t forget; this is also the time to get rid of any bad habits to deliver only the best to your unborn baby. 

If you are pregnant, you will also need to decide on the care provider that you want. Do you want to have a home birth with an obstetrician, or do you want to be cared for by an OBGYN and deliver at the nearest hospital? Those are just a few of the decisions you will be making for your child! If you are indeed pregnant, congratulations! 

If you are not and you are having some of these symptoms listed above, then be sure to get those checked by a doctor.