To generalize the “lifestyle” of an entire nation is a tricky thing, especially when talking about a massive country like the United States of America. There are over 350 million people in the country, and every individual is entitled to the right to live a lifestyle of their choosing. To use a single umbrella to describe every single lifestyle choice of the entire country would be tough, and even dangerous.

However, there are certain commonalities that entire cultures, nations, and countries share, things like language, food, commerce, and religion all exist within America, and while vast differences exist from one person to the next, the fact remains that it is still practice.Composed of 50 states and a handful of outlying territories, America has the third largest population in the world. A strong sense of nationalism resounds throughout the populace and Americans are not afraid to show it.

The Star – Spangled Banner flies almost anywhere a flag can be hung. It is not uncommon for entire streets to lined with the American flag hung on car antennas, patios, and flag poles in front yards. Just like any country in the world, poor areas do exist within America, but compared to the rest of the world it is still considered a “first world” or industrially developed nation. And, the liberties, freedoms and even economic behavior of its residents reflect this.

Language is often a point of commonality when it comes to most countries, and America is no different. For the overwhelming majority of the population, English is the first language. It is the national language and is speaking in every state and city. Spanish is considered the second language, the origins of which can trace back to the days of Christopher Columbus, Spain’s expansion into the New World and the neighboring country of Mexico. Surprisingly, the third most spoken language is German, which is most prominent in the Midwest which saw a lot of immigrants from Germany and Bavaria at the turn of the century.

While Americans are viewed by outsiders as secular and do not subscribe to religion or superstition, nothing can be further from the truth. America is known as a melting pot of cultures. Comprised of immigrants from all corner of the globe, these people have brought their culture, food, and religion to America as well. The majority of the country identifies itself with some denomination of Christianity. However, that is not all. Several dozen religions are recognized by the United States from Judaism to Islam, and from Buddhism to Bahai. So important is the concept of religious freedom, that the Founding Fathers of America included it in the nation’s Constitution.

The United States is a vast country with varying ecosystems, terrains and geography. Very few countries on Earth can sport this kind of diversity, however, like most countries the majority of the population congregates near the water, and in particular, cities by the water. Sure, there are rural locales has some semblance of the community, but the cities are where the bulk of American civilization lies. Seaside Metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Miami hold more people in them than several other states combined. While the American landscape may bring about visions of the wild west, open expanses of grasslands or wooded forests, the truth is that most people find solace in the concrete jungles of cities,

Education is another part of the American lifestyle that permeates throughout the entire country. While quality does vary from area to area, public education does exist for all children in the country. Unless they are attending a private institution, American children go to school for free (relatively speaking) until they attend college or university. Going to school is highly encouraged and almost seems mandatory in some cases. Needless to say, this is not the norm for children all around the world. American children, in general, do not need to work or care for younger siblings. Thus, they have the time, energy and attention to go to school, to learn and socialize.

America has a higher standard of living than most of the world. Its citizens are often gainfully employed and earn a decent amount of income. It allows them also to spend said money. Famed traveler, chef, and TV host Anthony Bourdain once noted that due to the decrease in manufacturing jobs, America’s chief export is now culture. By this, he meant entertainment, arts, and fashion. American’s can indulge in their consumerism by procuring the goods they often see on the television, in adverts and on the bodies of their on-screen idols.

The real American lifestyle is a quagmire of paradoxes when looked under a microscope. But take a step back, and one can easily see the threads that tie one single American to another.