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Today’s Expert Interview is with a very special author, 11 year-old Paris Morris. Paris is a big sister to twins, and has written and published several books, including I’m Having Twins, My Twins Are Coming Home, and My Twins First Birthday. We were really excited to get Paris’ insight on being a big sister to twins!

L: How old were you when you found out that you were going to have twin siblings? What was your first reaction?

P: I was 4 years old when I found out I was having twin siblings. I don’t exactly remember how my parents told me, but I was very excited. My first reaction was yay!

L: Do you like having twins in the family? What is your favorite thing about being a big sister to twins?

P: I love having twins in the family. There is never a dull moment at my house. My favorite thing about being a big sister is being a role model. I feel appreciated because they look up to me and think I am such a great person.

L: What was it like when the babies first came home from the hospital?

P: Once they came home the house was louder than it was before, because it was just me and my parents. I did enjoy looking at their cute faces in their cribs, it would light up my day.

L: A lot of parents who are expecting twins, and already have a child are concerned about making sure their first child still feels special when their siblings are born. What things do your parents do to let you know that you are equally important and special?

P: I thought my parents did a great job with spreading the attention between my sisters. I did know that my parents had a lot to do to take care of my sisters, so I was less sensitive when they spent more time taking care of my sisters occasionally.

L: You must be so proud that you are already a published author! Why did you decide to write I’m Having Twins?

P: I am very proud to have my books out and published. I decided to write the books because there aren’t really any books for children about how to react and appreciate twin siblings. I think, and hope tons of kids read the books and know that having twin siblings is fun and you will enjoy having them.

L: Are you working on any new books now?

P: I am working on some books right now. I have started My Twin’s First Christmas and Paris Goes to New York. I think they will turn out as good as the past ones.

L: What other activities do you like to do besides writing?

P: I love musical theater, guitar, shopping, and hanging out with my friends. Right now I am auditioning as the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland.

L: Does the attention that the twins get from strangers ever get on your nerves? How do you handle it?

P: When we are around home most people see me, but I make sure for them to know that my sisters are in the book, we are all in this together.

L: Do you have any advice for other kids who are about to become a big brother or big sister to multiples?

P: I would have to say, “ read my books.”


You can learn more about Paris’ great books at, or visit the DoubleUp Books website to purchase them! We will be reviewing them soon on our blog!


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