Ok Multiples & More Mommas!! I am pretty sure a good portion of the nation is back to school…which means….time for our workouts again!! (Applause! Applause!)

Although summer is the time we want to maintain our fit and fabulous looks, there is so much time spent on vacations, picnics, playdates, etc, that our “real” workouts subside, (You know what I mean, the workouts that got us into our bikinis in the first place!).

Now, I am not saying that we all just lie around all summer, because I know there are many families who will make activity a habit taking the family biking or swimming or planning active vacation get-a-ways. But our dedicated routine workouts (to really burn fat and enhance muscle tone) are put on hold so we can enjoy our children’s summer break – with them!

So, what can you do to get back on track now that the kids are in school? Here are some grrrreat ideas for doing just that!!

• First, commit to a goal and make it reasonable and attainable! Maybe there is a fall reunion coming up, a concert…those are great ways for setting a date of reaching your goal and making the fitness routine a habit.

• Get that goal in writing!! A great way of doing this is by utilizing a family calendar. This way, everyone in the family can see what you are doing and they will all know that you mean business! (I mean, really…we have to get the school open house, sports and husbands after-work meetings on our family calendar, so why not put your appointment for exercise on it as well!)

• Find a fun journal so you know how much you have progressed towards your goal! Or even better, there are so many great applications for smart phones that are geared towards fitness! For example: Lets say you want to run your first 5K; that’s your goal. There are great applications that are FREE, and take you step by step towards reaching that goal of a 5K completion!

• Remember that many experts will say it takes 21 days to make a habit. So don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day, get right on that horse again and keep pressing forward!! You CAN do it!!

• Find a support system! This can be as simple as physically showing your family where you have plotted your workout appointments, and share your fitness goals. Your family will help you stay on track!! Or, you can find a group of other moms on the same path who also need the support. You can exchange texts, emails, or use the same fitness application that allows the sharing of your progress!

So make your plan! You are worth it!!