Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

The Mini Twins: Strong Curiosity and Social Needs

Geminis are highly active human beings. They are represented by the Twins because they have two sides they generally show the world and are highly adaptable. They are great communicators and have many passions, interests, and different groups of friends. Geminis is very social and can easily have a conversation with anybody. This sign is optimistic and always focusing on the bright side of every situation.

Gemini babies are highly curious, as this is an air sign and likes to move around and explore. Gemini little ones usually become early crawlers for this reason, which is why you will want to childproof the house right after the baby is born. They also may develop speech early because this is a highly communicative sign. 

Keep your Gemini baby continuously stimulated to satisfy their high curiosity and further stimulate development. If your baby gets bored, they will be quite anxious and fussy. Stock up on age-appropriate books and puzzles to always have a way of keeping them busy. Also, take them out and expose them to other kids if you only have one child. They will make friends very quickly and will be happy to have them.

With age, your Gemini child will become very loyal and appreciate truthfulness despite the bad rep this sign gets for being two-faced. Similar to Aries and Taurus, be mindful not to fabricate white lies, even if they are well-intentioned. This sign will not take those situations lightly. 

When it comes to relationships and friendships, motivate them from a young age to go straight to the source if they ever have a conflict. This sign tends to verify information with third parties before going to the root, which makes others see them as creating gossip.

Gemini baby

Gemini Twins and Multiples: 

Most of the time, having more than one Gemini at home will be delightful. They will be highly communicative with each other and will enjoy learning how to do new things together. Be sure to facilitate activities that will feed their hungry imagination at different interactivity levels, from reading together to creating art.

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