My children absolutely love Diego, and as I’ve mentioned before, I love this show too because of how interactive it is. The latest DVD for Go Diego Go! is Diego’s Ultimate Rescue League. This DVD features 3 new-to-DVD episodes with Diego and his friends, Juma, Shanti, Burgin and Yang. Here’s a little bit about each episode:

Diego’s International Rescue League: This is a double-length episode that features Diego’s friends who are all experts from around the world. Juma is an African desert expert, Shanti is an Indian forest expert, Burgin is an expert diver and surfer from Borneo and finally, Yang is a panda rescuer from China. The mission for the team is to identify and return five mystery animal eggs to their respective habitats before time runs out.

Ocean Animal Rescuer: Bottlenose wants to be an ocean animal rescuer just like Diego and Baby Humpback Whale, so he rushes to save the baby sea turtles from a giant wave. Then, all three work together to rescue ocean animals from a dangerous oil-spill before it gets too close to their habitats (Taken from the headlines????).

Diego Rescues Prince Vicuña: Prince Vicuña embarked on a exploration and has yet to return to his parents, the King and Queen. Diego and Messenger Vicuña develop a plan of action and head to Puma Pass to help rescue the Prince and reunite him with his family.

All three of the episodes are great and I love watching them with my kids. I love that they are learning about animals that they would not typically see in a zoo, and that they are learning about conservation. This truly is one of the better shows for children today.

What are some of your favorite shows for kids?