Gorillas, grizzly bears, hippos and more pack the brand new DVD, Go, Diego, Go!: Fiercest Animal Rescues!, which includes a never-before-seen double-length adventure. Catch this special before its on-air premiere as Diego saves animals in Africa, Australia and Alaska. Throughout his adventures Diego receives help from his sister Alicia, animal pals, Rescue Pack, Click the Camera (voiced by Rosie Perez) and the viewers at home. The DVD is now available in stores.

Go, Diego, Go!: Fiercest Animal Rescues Episode Synopses:

Fiercest Animals! (Double-Length Episode): Diego travels three continents to help fierce animals across the globe. In the rainforests of Africa, he helps Mommy Gorilla and her babies keep the forest buffaloes away. In Australia, he uses the Rescue Rover’s underwater crane to fix Blue Ringed Octopus’ coral reef home. In Alaska, Diego and Mami help the hungry grizzly bears find fish. Finally in the grasslands of Africa, Diego and Papi act fierce like hippos to make the lions go away. Along the way, Diego also helps a lost jaguar find its home.

Cotton-top Tamarin Cave Rescue: Diego has a surprise for the lonely cotton-top Tamarin singing in a cave. Alicia and Baby Jaguar have been planting lots of trees for the Tamarins so they can move back to the forest. When the Bobos accidentally block the cave’s entrance, Diego sets out to find another way out of the cave so he can reunite all the Tamarins.

Pampas and Friends Help The Rescue Center: The Pampas Kittens take a log ride down stream but a storm pushes them towards a waterfall! Diego and Pampas Cat help get them to safety.

Do your kids love Diego? What is their favorite animal that they have learned about because of Diego?