Imagine browsing the store for toys with your 9-year-old daughter, and she picks up a doll wearing a half shirt, belly ring and eye shadow. “Mommy, is this doll for me to play with?” she asks. That’s what happened to Jodi Nogaard, and it inspired her to create the Go! Go! Sports Girl doll collection.

The Go! Go! Sports Girls are plush, sports-themed dolls designed as a fun and educational way to promote self-appreciation and the benefits of daily exercise, healthy eating and sleeping habits, self-esteem and overall healthy life skills for girls. The dolls are age appropriate and do not encourage an older or overly mature image. The image is positive and innocent with a subtle yet strong message – appreciate and be true to yourself.


Jodi Norgaard has always been involved in sports and for many years has coached “Girls on the Run”, a program which encourages girls to make healthy choices in life through running. While working with the young girls, Jodi had an idea. “I realized there was a need for a positive doll for girls that would be age appropriate, proportioned properly and send a positive message about a healthy lifestyle – physically, mentally and emotionally – through sports.”

Jodi spent two years launching the product, from rough sketch to the fall of 2008 debut of the tennis girl doll at the U.S. Open in New York, where 500 dolls sold out in six days. While designing the doll, she worked very closely with her consultant, her daughter. “She was the perfect person to have involved. She was 10 at the time and she knew exactly what she wanted in a doll.”

“The whole point of the business is to send the message to girls to dream big and go for it.” says Jodi. In addition to providing a positive message for girls, Jodi is donating a portion of the proceeds to organizations that share her mission.”

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