I’m really excited to tell everyone about a great new venture here at Multiples and More. I’m partnering with Tammy Gold of Gold Parent Coaching to help bring more parenting tips to all of you! Here’s some quick information about Tammy and Gold Parent Coaching:

What exactly is Gold Parent Coaching?

We are a company designed to provide full service support to parents in any way they need it. We meet with parents in person, over the phone, via skype or even their favorite coffee shop to help them with their parenting concerns. Whatever way they need help we are available to provide. We handle a variety of topics from anxiety for moms, marital stress, infant sleep training, helping a toddler tantrum or even helping to find a nanny. Whether it be support or guidance, we are here to assist. We believe that parenting is the toughest job on earth and parents should have support readily and easily available to them. Building stronger families starts from the inside and we believe in providing parents with the tools they need to deal with the challenges that go along with this.

You offer several different services, are all of these available to people across the country?

Yes, all of our services can be done via the phone or internet! Parents everywhere are dealing with similar issues and we can provide assistance to them whether they live in New York or California.

What made you decide to be a parenting coach?

After working with troubled children for many years, I realized that in order to really help children I needed to help the parents. During this same time, I became a mother as well and I realize that parenting is hard regardless of your background. There is no schooling or guide book to prepare you for parenthood, instead parents are forced to “learn on the job.” So, I decided to create something I thought would be helpful to other parents, but also something I wanted which was personal guidance and directions on parenting. There is lots of information available on the internet, but all situations have their own unique set of circumstances. Some times parents need more than just a “how to” article when raising their children. I want to provide the one-on-one instruction that will help parents navigate any situation they face in doing the toughest job on earth.

What is the best tip you could give a new parent of multiples?

Multiples place a lot of stress on parents so the best tip I can give to parents of multiples would be to get some type of support. Whether it is a babysitter, help from family or even bartering time with a friend, you NEED a little break. Create a support structure and then be diligent in finding the time and the people to help you get some time to take care of yourself!
Tell me more about the Nanny 101 class that you will be teaching and what I can expect from it.

One of the areas we have found that parents (especially parents with multiples) have concerns over is child care. Finding child care for one child is difficult enough, but when you add the dimension of needing child care for multiples, all of the sudden the situation seems much more daunting. We have worked with families with multiples and know the added stress that comes with looking at child care options. How do families structure a nanny/child care provider relationship where the children’s needs are met on a daily basis and the parents feel comfortable? During the Nanny 101 class, I will answer all of your nanny questions, including how to find, interview and train your nanny. I will also talk about how you can use rotating schedules for nannies and how to determine whether a potential nanny will be a good fit for your unique situation. This is a 90 minute class that is packed with all the information you need to find the perfect caregiver for your children.

Here’s the exciting part! Gold Parent Coaching is offering a Nanny 101 class exclusively to you! It will be a 90 minute telephone conference on Tuesday December 7th at 8pm EST where Tammy will discuss everything she mentioned above. The class is $35 for each family and the limit for this class is 10 families. To register for this class or for more information please email register@goldparentcoaching.com. We are hoping to host more teleconferences together to help answer the questions that you have.

I hope you can join Tammy and myself on Tuesday night, I know I wish I had this conference when I was searching for my babysitter!