I am a photographer but I am also a mom to a 4 month old so I completely understand how important it is to have a camera on hand at all times. No, I don’t carry around my huge camera with the perfect lens and big flash every day. I prefer to have my little point and shoot that I can throw in my purse or the baby bag to get a quick shot of those priceless moments.

Here are some quick tips to achieving great photos:

-My number one tip is to have FUN!

-Don’t make the kiddos do things. Let them play and be themselves. It will make things a lot less stressful and you will be surprised at how much fun everyone will have. (If you have a camera that can get wet this is even better especially in the summer pool or winter snow)

-Most digital cameras come with scenic modes in your camera; you should try to learn them. This way all you have to do is turn the dial and push the button. The camera will do the rest of the work for you!

-Try to get as much natural light in the photo as possible, this will allow you to get less of a flashy look

-Avoid direct sunlight. If you are at a park or a playground they always have great shaded spots or you can take the kidlets out in the evening when the sun is setting (you will get great light but not so bright light)

-If it is at night or in-doors this is where your scenic modes will help you. Just turn the dial to the right mode and push the button.

-Try to avoid busy or distracting backgrounds and remove any unnecessary objects from the photo view if possible

-Remember to try and see what the camera sees. For example, you are in a parking lot but there is a median with really pretty flowers so you take a picture of a flower. No one knows that you are surrounded by concrete. When they look at the picture all they see is a gorgeous flower!

There is also some free basic photo editing software available. Most new computers come standard with this, but you can also download programs from the internet, such as picnik.com, or photobucket.com. This will allow you to do simple things like turn photos black and white. Sometimes, black and white photos can make an even bigger impact than color photos.

If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at impressionsintime@yahoo.com or visit my site at photogra-bee.com.

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Do you have any questions for Kim about taking great pictures? Any tips of your own to share? Comments, comments!