Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

We are thrilled by your interest in writing for Please review the following guidelines before submitting your request.

  • Audience: Submitted posts must be tailored towards moms of young children.
  • Categories: At the moment, we are open to reviewing all family-friendly categories.
  • Purpose: The article should focus on informing, inspiring, or solve a problem for our audience. Items that abuse self-promotion will not be approved.
  • Availability: Articles should be detailed and unique to, and they should not be published elsewhere online. We do not accept unoriginal posts or press releases.
  • Length & Content: Articles should have a length of 1,000 to 2,000 words, should be useful and delightful to our audience, and be easy to read.
  • Outbound links: Embedded links included in the article should be relevant to the content and benefit our readers. Guest posts can feature up to 4 no-follow links to the sponsoring content website. Any additional outbound links can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Images: Articles should be submitted with 2-5 suggested images you own and have the rights to share, exclusive of logos or branding.

Before submitting, please note:

  • We have the right to reject submissions or to request that you revise and resubmit to better tailor the content to our audience.
  • When submitting an article to, you are giving us the rights to this content. We maintain the right to choose a title and images that we believe will work best with our audience, along with lightly edit your article if necessary for spelling, grammar, and formatting.
  • We do not accept black hat and link farm SEO submissions.
  • Upon submitting, you represent and warrant that this is your original work and not plagiarized and contains no objectionable material. You indemnify and hold harmless against any suits, claims, causes of action, liabilities or costs of any kind, including legal fees arising out of the content of the original work.

How to submit an article to

1. Send an email to inclusive of the below:

  • Topic
  • Purpose
  • Estimated Article Length
  • Website Sponsoring the Guest Post

2. Upon submitting your proposal, we will get back to you with next steps in 1-3 days.