“It’s a wise father that knows his child.” ~William Shakespeare, Dad of twins…and famous playwright

I know today is the Photo of the Month, but it’s also Father’s Day and we cannot not have a post just for our Dad’s.  So the bonus QOTW this week isn’t really a question, but here it goes:

Gush about the Dad’s in your lives, whether it’s your own or your multiples Dad. And Dad’s what do you love most about being a Dad?

Here’s what to do:

Grab the button, add it to a new post on your OWN blog* Answer the Question of the Week on your blog (spice it up with pictures and/or video if possible!)* Stop back here, and sign into the Linky * Click on the other names in the Linky and check out everyone else’s answers * Don’t want to blog about it? No problem, just answer the question in our comments section!