Yes, you can!! With a little planning you can go through this fun season enjoying everything you love and avoid the extra pounds!

Start an exercise plan now

It does not have to be a mega-marathon in the gym, just commit (key word here fabulous moms & dads!) to some form of activity on most, if not all, days of the week! This can be as simple as running around playing in the back yard with the kids for 20 minutes. If you live in a colder climate, grab some blank paper, and have school age kiddos help you design an indoor hopscotch game…and YOU join in!! And an additional thought here, you can begin a holiday tradition of getting outdoors after family meals! Play a game of ball or just go for a walk! Being originally from upstate NY, I used to love walking outdoors in the falling snow! So there really is no excuse!

Keep the healthiest choices of foods on hand

When you can, grab raw fruits and veggies as a snack and add them to all of your meals! YES! I said, add!! It is a much better word to hear nowadays, especially with all of these diet books telling us to cut things out! (Many times we are cutting out great nutrients!)

• When heading out to the grocery store or any errand for that matter, plan it after a healthy meal to avoid stopping for unhealthy fast food choices and impulse buying at the supermarket!

• Before heading out to the parties (because I know those invites have likely started rolling in and the office treats are being put out) eat something healthy and filling! This can be a half cup of Greek yogurt with a sprinkling of granola, half of a banana with your favorite nut butter or a half serving of your favorite fruit smoothie! (What?!?! You don’t have a favorite fruit smoothie? Check out my blog! In honor of trying to be better at keeping it current I posted a green fruit smoothie recipe today!)

Limit the holiday dessert to one, and be mindful of serving size

Maybe try sharing with someone too! What is great that I see at many restaurants now, are the dessert minis! So think on those terms and enjoy your sweet!

Build your own plate

Add more fruit and veg, avoid sauces, and use a dessert plate! –It’s much smaller!

Bottom line

Remember this time of year is a time for joy! So get out there (especially since you likely are having a moment away from the craziness of home!) and chat with friends, old and new!

Happy Healthy Holidays!