The featured blogger of the week is Heather of Three Lees in a Pod + Little Sprout! Heather is the proud MoM of 4-year-old triplets, Piper, Henry and Rosemary and 2-year-old Penelope.

What made you decide to start a blog?

While I was pregnant with the big kids, I spent 7 weeks in the hospital on bedrest. During that time, I sent e-mail updates to my friends and family. After the big kids were born, I was continuing to send out e-mail updates, but I hated to be forcing such details onto people who may be too nice to ask me to stop! So, I created the blog so that those who were interested in updates could find them.

How did you react when you found out you were having triplets?

Honestly, I laughed. I didn’t know what else to do.

Your triplets were born at 30 weeks, what was your NICU stay like and what advice do you have for other families in a similar situation?

Piper was in the NICU for 5.5 weeks, Henry for 6 weeks, and Rosemary for 7.5 weeks. Looking back, and knowing what I know now, we had a rather uneventful NICU stay. It didn’t feel that way at the time. I was emotional and worried and exhausted. We did meet some wonderful nurses and friends there, though, including Auntie Ann, who was one of the big kids’ NICU nurses and is now Penelope’s godmother. She is really like family.

My advice to anyone in a similar situation is to be prepared for the rollercoaster. One day you have what feels like the best day of your life, and the next is the worst. Things change quickly the NICU, and you have to be prepared for good days and bad days alike. Try to remember that one day of no weight gain or a setback on an open crib or something like that is just not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things — even though it feels like a disaster at the time.

What are some of your tips for expectant parents of triplets?

The parents have to be on the same team, so focus on that first and make sure that you are both ready to really work together. Also, just know that what worked for another family may not work for you. I hear a lot of people saying that triplet parents MUST do this or that . . . but I don’t think it works quite like that. Something different works for everyone. Now it’s always good to talk to other triplet parents and hear what worked for them so that you have a pool of ideas, but know that you have to make your own way and find what works for you.

What are some of your favorite activities to do as a family?

We all love to go hiking! Penelope rides in a backpack on my husband’s back, and the big kids walk. We usually pack a picnic lunch and spend at least 2-3 hours on these outings. I love that my kids are learning to enjoy being outside. Another favorite activity is just to play in the backyard. I don’t want our kids to feel as though we have to be going somewhere all the time, so I like for them to learn to play and use their imaginations wherever we are. But we still get out — we also love going to the local zoo and kids’ science museum, as well as nearby gardens.

What questions do you have for the other families in the community?

We’re nearing Christmas and wondering whether to get everyone the same of some gifts (to avoid the fights over whatever it is) or to get each kid one item and try to encourage sharing so that we have more variety. I’d love to hear how others deal with that issue.

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