Neil McNerney, a licensed counselor and parenting expert, will show you ways to help your child do better in school without arguments, yelling, or guilt. In his 25 years working with school-age children and their parents, Neil McNerney has developed a simple and powerful approach that will increase achievement and decrease aggravation!

HOMEWORK: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Out Without Freaking Out! will guide you through a simple process to find a way to help your child based on which faulty coping pattern your child is using. Most homework books are focused on study techniques. Homework focuses on how parents can be powerful leaders in their kid’s education. It answers the most common questions parents ask:

  • When do I reward and when do I punish?
  • How do I give advice about studying without getting backtalk?
  • How much should I review homework?
  • How do I help my stressed out child who takes school too seriously?
  • What do I say when my child says “I don’t care” about school?
  • How do I help my disorganized child without feeling like I am his secretary?

My kids aren’t at the point in their life yet where they are doing homework, but trust me, it is already something I am not looking forward to. This book is a very straightforward and simple approach to helping your kids with their homework, without losing your mind. I really love that at the end of each chapter there is a summary and “Don’t Freak Out” tips. However, my favorite part in the entire book is Chapter 9 which is through your kids eyes. That chapter delves into what our kids really want from us when we help them. I think it is easy for us to forget what it was like to be their age, and I know I didn’t have as much homework then as some of the kids today have. It’s very stressful for them and it’s important for us to remember that.

If you have school aged kids you should definitely think about picking up this book. Stop by Neil’s site for the book, there’s even some extras for certain chapters on there.

Neil McNerney, M. Ed., LPC is a licensed counselor, adjunct faculty member, speaker, and parenting expert. His dynamic and engaging approach to helping parents is refreshing and effective. He travels nationally speaking to professional and parenting groups on parenting and childhood issues. You can find Neil on twitter at @neilmcnerney.