Something that I love about Valentine’s Day is everyone’s stories about how they met. I put out an open call on Facebook and Twitter for everyone’s love stories and got a great response. There are so many amazing stories and I cannot wait for all of you to read them. There will be a new story every 2 hours starting at 6am EST and ending at 6pm EST, at the end of the night I’ll put a linky up with all of the stories so you can find them all in one place. Thank you to everyone that submitted a story!

I met Scott in January of 2003. I honestly cannot tell you the exact date (I want to say the 6th or 8th), but I know Scott has the paperwork somewhere. Scott and I met in the tunnels underneath the Magic Kingdom. Well, actually, we first met in one of the offices and then spoke our first words to each other in the tunnels. Scott was the coordinator of training for Main Street Operations and I was on the college program, starting my first day at the Magic Kingdom. I was in his last pick up as coordinator, and as he likes to tell me, when he went through the list and looked at all the girls names he was really hoping I would be hot. Apparently, I did not disappoint. To this day we both remember exactly what the other was wearing.

Scott ended up becoming my manager a few shorts weeks later and we began seeing other people. There was no way we could date each other, and Scott had a “strict” policy on not dating college program students since we all left after 8 months. A friendship quickly began between us. I will never forget one night he asked me to go with him to walk the last family out of the park, so there we were standing inside Cinderella Castle without another soul around us. It was hands down the most romantic moment ever, well until a construction worker slammed his finger in a toolbox and Scott had to leave since he was the only manager left in the park.

We wouldn’t start dating until the Fall of 2004. We cannot agree on a date and we vaguely say Thanksgiving, but we were pretty much dating before then. We were engaged the following May (he proposed on a cruise to Alaska) and married in May of 2006. We decided to get married where everything started, Disney World. The photo at the top of this post is a photo we had to fight for the morning after our wedding. Normally the photographers cannot take photos looking down Main Street, but after explaining that that’s where we met, our photographer happily snapped one quick, and perfect, photo.

I cannot wait for all of you to read the other stories today! Keep checking back and have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!