The spring/ summer of 2000 had been a rather rough for me. I had become somewhat reclusive due to some painful events that has happened. Other than working I pretty much kept to my self. On the morning of August 5th while I was getting ready for work my mom called and asked if I would like to go with her to a wedding that evening. My best friends older sister was getting married and I loved her like a sister…but still I didn’t really want to go, and I felt bad.

During my work lunch I had this overwhelming feeling that I should attend the wedding…I felt joy, and happiness something that I hadn’t felt in months. I called my mom and told her to stop by and pick me up. I had about 45 minute after I got off work before my mom would get there. So, I went shopping 🙂 There was no way I was going to wear black slacks to a wedding. I bought a cute purple dress and shoes.

My mom was shocked when she arrived. I had been in such a sad place that she didn’t even recognized me. Even though I was back to me – bubbly – loud – out going – always smiling!

When we arrived at the park where my friend was getting married I noticed a man getting out of his car. I had never seen he before, and he was CUTE! I kid you not it was love at first sight!

After the wedding I went to say hi to all my friend who were there. I was really happy to see that that guy was talking to a very close friend of mine. We were interduced…and I was in love!

At the reception we sat together and talked. I found out that he was also a Christian – we attended the same church (how did I not know him?) He was in a band that often played shows with some of my really close friends (how did I not know him?) One of his closes friends was my best friends long time boyfriend…ok SERIOUSLY how did I not know him?

There was a connection from the moment we met. When everyone else was leaving the reception he stayed to spend more time with me. That is when I found out that he wasn’t planning on attending the wedding either, in fact he was supposed to be playing a show, and at the last minute it was cancelled. He told me that he just had a “Overwhelming feeling that I was supposed to be here” Ummm WOW!

I remember that night a clear as the moment I am living in right now! I even told my mom that I was going to marry him. I knew in my heart that he was the person that God had meant for me!
From August 5th 2000 on we were never apart and fell in love quicker than I ever thought possible.

In March of 2001 he purposed to me – on my birthday! December 2001 we got married. January 2005 our Son was born. September 2009 our B/G twins were born.

We have talked about that day many time. Thought about the ‘what if’s’. He even told me that he saw me that day getting out of my car and knew…

This year we will celebrate 11 years of marriage!
It goes to show that God is always in control. Abraham and I are so thankful every day!

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