The Crazies turn 4 on Saturday…I’ve accomplished more with these two in 4 years than I EVER did in 4 years of college (except that whole “getting an education”thing).

I seriously can’t believe it’s been four years.  I’m getting old (it’s all about me, right?)!

Anyway, I wanted to take this monumental occasion to discuss birthdays of multiples.  How does one make them special?  How do you make them feel that their birthday is unique and just theirs?

Well, you don’t because it’s not just their day.  They share it with one, or two, or three others and that is just fine.  They’re used to sharing, right?

I really go back and forth on this one.  See, my sister and I were born 2 years and 1 day apart.  When we were young, our family parties were for both of us.  When we got a bit older, we were allowed to have our own parties, but I think they were on alternating years.  We typically got two cakes.  We got our favorite meal on the day of our birthday (if possible…I always requested lobster like some sort of diva).  There were things that made us feel special even though our birthdays were so close

So, as I approach this weekend, here is how I’m handling it and I’m very interested in how you guys do things too:

  1. The party – this year we are having a joint party at a bounce house place.  There will be boys and girls there.  At this point, gender really doesn’t matter.  I think we’ll start doing separate parties when it does or when one wants a sleepover…I’m not going to be that Mom.  Until then, one party, one price tag, one happy Mama, two happy Crazies.  Will you ever give your children separate parties?
  2. The gifts – I found this awesome thing on Pinterest (see below) that really got me thinking about the gifts.  There is no need to go crazy.  They’re getting something they want, something they can wear, something they need, and something they can read.  I love this idea and it’s really helped me keep it simple.  How do you handle gifts?  Do they all get the same thing or the same amount?
  3. Birthday meals – Since the Crazies’ birthday falls on a weekend, they will each get one day of their favorites.  I have no idea how I’ll decide who goes first, but whatever I choose, I’m sure I’ll get it wrong.  Gosh…the 4s are going to be so much fun!  Do you give each child a special birthday meal?
  4. Singing of the Happy Birthday song – God, I hate this song…I mean, I hate it with a passion.  It’s rarely sung well and someone always manages to screw it up when it actually does sound decent.  Then there’s the whole thing that some genius added the “cha cha cha.”  Enough already…we’re singing it once.  Do you sing Happy Birthday to each child?
  5. Any other traditions – I love the idea of putting helium balloons all over the birthday kids’ ceiling so they wake to a sky of balloons, but, let’s face it, mine would probably get scared witless and scream bloody murder and it would ruin their birthday forever and ever…that’s how we roll in Casa de Crazy.  I think we’re going to keep it simple this year.  They get to open their birthday presents from Mom and Dad as soon as they wake up.  They get their meals.  That’s about all the gas I have left in my tank.  Do you have any other birthday traditions?