My good friend had been trying to convince me to meet some new people she had just become friendly with. She had already met my future husband and knew he’d be perfect for me. I refused to go, so she tricked me. We had a girls-night-in planned with wine and movies. I got to her house and she was dressed to go out. She told me we were going out and I had to go. I was wearing no makeup and yoga clothes, but I reluctantly went along and couldn’t believe how I was tricked. He loved me just the way I was!

He proposed on Christmas morning at 5:00am. He was too excited to wait any longer. He had a slide show of all the places we’d been. At the end was a picture of my ring hanging in the tree. He proposed right there.

The rest is history. We were married within a year and are having spontaneous twins due on our one year anniversary this April! Boy and girl! We couldn’t be  happier as we always wanted a family. What a blessing beyond even our wildest dreams.