For many mothers-to-be, the time before baby is the time you want to spend pampering, shopping, and getting the house ready for baby! This is why it can be incredibly stressful for mothers who have to be bedridden until the arrival of their bundle of joy. It can be frustrating being confide to a room, especially for people that like to be productive. It can also make some moms feel like they are missing out on some of the fun parts of pregnancy like their baby shower.

A baby shower can be a great event that all expecting mothers look forward to. It is the perfect way to get-pumped about your baby, have some much-needed fun with your friends, and start getting a bunch of free stuff that you can use on the baby! It is the ultimate party for pregnant people and their close family and friends to get ready to invite the newest member of their lives! Unfortunately, as your due date approaches, some mothers find themselves on bed rest and unable to really get in a party mood.

For these mothers, they may feel like they can’t have a baby shower which is as saddening as it is wrong. Bedridden mothers may worry that they won’t be able to be that fun host or have as many fun activities.

It is important to remember that this day is about you and your child. Don’t worry about how well you will be able to accommodate your guests! Worry about how much fun you will have and what you want to do! Your friends will understand that the health of you and your baby comes before their entertainment. If they really care about you, they will have no problem celebrating your way! If you can’t leave your bed to a party, the party will have to just come to you!

  • One option you have is to throw the shower in your room! Decorating your room can be a great way to give you the party atmosphere (and also give you some change from the same old room you have been confined to). You can put up all the same decorations that you would have put up in your living room or outside. Streamers, balloons, and banners have no boundaries! This is also the perfect excuse to get a new fun bedding or even an elegant pair of pajamas (you can even turn your shower into an old-fashioned pajama party).
  • If you aren’t comfortable with having a crowd of people in your bedroom, technology has also allowed the option of video calls. This quiet alternative may be a better option if you find yourself tired and not exactly in the mood for partying. With this, you can still have the opportunity to meet up and chat with everyone in your social circle (and this also can be a great option for you if you have long-distance friends who otherwise couldn’t have made it to your house as is.
  • When it comes to fun, you don’t need to do any adventures activities; the small and simple ones can be fun too You may want to do a fancy gender reveal or even small art projects. Playing board games and things like that are good examples of games that don’t have to be physically demanding or having to leave your bed. If you want to scratch the games ideas all together, you can always have an indoor spa day or strictly dedicate the time to indulging in all of your latest cravings.

Being bedridden does not mean you have to miss out on baby showers. Baby showers are for you and your baby, and it is important to remember that this is the day for others to accommodate you and not the other way around.

Whether you are looking forward to the friends, food, or presents, a baby shower is something for any mom to look forward to!

Do you have any ideas on how to have a baby shower on bed rest?