I do. I’ll be honest. I want perfect kids. Can anyone readily admit they don’t? Sure, people say that they love their children no matter what. And, of course, I do as well. But I also want perfect kids. There is so much to think about being a new mother. Behavior issues, eating issues, discipline issues, learning issues, development issues, social issues…the list can go on and on and on. I want well-behaved, social, loving, polite, active, beautiful (already done, ha!) smart kids. The question is how much is too obsess over it? I think every parent does it, whether they will admit it or not. Plus, we get into the “I want to do things differently”, “I want them to have what I didn’t have”.

 I have a nanny, whom I absolutely adore. But now I am pondering the move to a daycare. I worry that those toddlers in daycare are learning so much more than mine and being much more social. Is this true? Probably not, but again, I think about it.

 I go to Gymboree and do a Mommy and Me class with them once a week. Is this the best class for them? Are they learning the most they can? Should I try and do a Gymnastics class instead or a Music and Me class instead or in addition to? Probably not. This is probably enough for them right now, but again, I think about it.

 I did Babywise when they were newborns. (gasp!!!) yes, I admit it. People have uber strong opinions about it, but that is what worked for me and my family, and I loved the principals behind it. However, Babywise is also supposed to produce well-behaved kiddos. Ha!!! Thats pretty funny. I have really good kids, mind you, but they also have their moments. They are (sigh) 19 months old now, so we are quickly approaching the terrible twos, and again, I have TWO babies approaching the terrible twos. However, I don’t want brats. I want polite, mannered, well-behaved kids. Is this something to think about and obsess about when they are only 19 months old? Of course not! But, I think about it. At this point, I would just like to take them to a restaurant and have them sit with us throughout an entire meal and be able to be happy and eat their food. Thats my small goal 🙂

 Parenting is a journey.  A fun, rewarding, amazing, wonderful, awesome, frustrating, exciting journey. I guess this is my way of telling myself to not obsess over each thing and just enjoy the moment. Its hard for me, because not only do I love every second with my sweet babes, but I also get super excited when I think of the next step in our journey with my not-so-perfect-but-fabulous babes 🙂

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