Hello Multiples and More readers, bloggers, experts, moms and dads!!!! My name is Jackie and I am a mother of a 3 & 5 year old.  Not multiples, but they certainly keep me on my toes! Before the best years of my life (as a mom!), I was an in home personal trainer to working moms, manager in the healthcare industry, and a student of dietetics.

I have since then, completed my education and have found a strong passion for pre/postnatal and child nutrition/fitness.  It is widely known, but likely not accepted, that there is a sad epidemic of overweight and obese children.  And as a busy mother of two, I can surely see how challenging it can be to get the right (and proper amounts of) foods offered to our children.  Whether or not they choose to eat it…well, that is a whole different story!

As all moms-to-be know, we need to begin our children’s lives in the healthiest way by eating the most nutrient dense foods throughout pregnancy and while nursing! Ultimately, when a woman is carrying multiples, it becomes even more important since everything becomes multiplied (smile!).

I hope to educate the Multiples and More community on how to have the healthiest pregnancy, raise the healthiest children, and BE the healthiest mommy; nutritionally, physically and mentally! I am open to questions, comments and challenges so please send them along!

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