The featured blogger this week is Janet of These are the Days of our lives…..With Addison and Alexis. Janet is the proud MoM of  soon-to-be three year old twin girls, Addison and Alexis. Addison and Alexis are actually two surviving triplets, Janet’s blog covers the early days as well as all the fun and exciting things the girls are doing now.

What made you decide to start your blog?

When we first decided to start fertility treatments, I started my blog as a personal diary for myself. I never intended for anyone to actually read it. When we found out we were pregnant with triplets, it turned into a way to keep our family all over the US abreast of what we knew was going to be a difficult pregnancy. I had no idea that it was going to turn into a NICU diary, but I’m so glad that I have maintained it. Those early days in the NICU are such a blur to me. I love going back and reading it as a reminder of how far we have come and how blessed we truly are.

Your girls spent some time in the NICU, what was your experience like and what tips would you offer other families in a similar situation?

Those NICU days seem like such a distant memory now. They were truly some of the hardest, most trying times of our lives. No one ever plans to be discharged from the hospital, and to have to leave your children behind. That was probably one of the hardest days of my life. But, we were very fortunate to have some amazing nurses who cared for our girls like they were their own. They are now and will forever be our lifelong friends. My advice to any NICU parent is to be involved, and to ask questions! You are your child’s best advocate. Join the support groups offered by the hospital! No one knows better what you are going through than the other parents there. It truly helped my husband and I more than anything else.

You mentioned that you like crafting with your girls. What are some of your favorite crafts?

Anything that makes a mess! Typically you won’t hear most MoM’s say that, but I love it and so do they. I love cooking with my girls and try to use every opportunity to teach them something. Measuring ingredients is a perfect opportunity to count and learn numbers or even a simple thing as waiting their turn to help. (That’s a big issue with my girls right now!) My favorite crafts would have to be anything that involves using their handprints. It reminds me of how little they used to be and how far they have come. Our NICU nurses would make signs and cards for us with their handprints and footprints. I love looking back at all their craft projects. I can’t believe they are getting so big. The girls love to make handprint turkeys and handprint trees. Just Google “crafts for kids with handprints” and you will get tons of ideas.

Your girls are about to turn 3, what are some of your favorite memories with them?

It’s hard to choose just a few. I thank God every day that they are alive and well. Knowing we were originally told that they may not survive makes me treasure every second and every day I have with them. If I had to choose my favorite thing, I would have to say just watching how their little minds work…. Watching them interpret the world and watching them figure out how things work. I love seeing them interact with each other and listening to the conversations that they have. Every night when we put them to bed, I sit next to the baby monitor and listen to them discuss their day. Their analysis of the day’s activities never ceases to amaze me.

What are some of your favorite activities to do as a family?

We are outdoor people! Anything we can do outside! Being in the mid-west makes this tough. We’ve been trying to get creative with finding new ways to let them release that stored up energy. Most recently our favorite places to visit are our local bouncy houses. Most of them will give you a multiples discount if you just ask. My husband hates that I ask for a “multiples discount” EVERY where we go. But hey…you don’t know if you don’t ask, right?

What would you do with an extra hour of kid free time a day?

Kid free time?? What’s that? I would probably have to say exercise more. I spend almost 99.9% of my waking hours either at work, doing housework or playing with my kiddos. I would love to have an extra hour of just “me” time.

What questions do you have for the other families in the community?

We are having a difficult time with sharing lately. Even though, I feel like we own two of every toy they make… One girl always wants the one the other has. This usually turns into a battle with tantrums, hitting and biting. Any suggestions on how to combat these issues? Thanks!

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